Manvar Desert in Jaisalmer


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Added On : Dec 20, 2010

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Located in the heart of the sandune region of Rajasthan between the ancient cities of Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner. Manvar Resort is an oasis in the desert - designed as a desert village settlement. Converting barren land into an oasis was not an easy task. The local architecture was studied at great length before formulating a design for Manvar. The vernacular elements have been contextualised so that they can breathe & emit a particular ambience. Care has been taken to draw a distinction between imitation and inspiration .Woven into this rustic expression are technology and services that offer comfort levels expected by the contemporary tourist. The intention to make the interiors warm and comfortable in contrast to the earthy and rugged exteriors has led to a boutique environment. The Resort has most comforts travellers wish for; luxurious accommodation, mouth watering cuisine, and an exclusive swimming pool. Throughout the resort the atmosphere is relaxed and enchanting. There is a courtyard, a restaurant and a bar that opens into a market street. Beyond this are the living quarters called ANANDGRAM –an area that has cottages, thatched roof top sit outs, swimming pool and massage rooms overlooking a small sanctuary. Each room has deep verandah’s supported on singular columns of rough –hewn sand stone which provide a transition between the interior and exterior spaces. The roofs are in thatch and draw inspiration from the local dhani (the village hut) but is constructed to be far more permanent. The interiors have smooth stucco plaster, patterned mosaic floors, woven headboards and bed side lamps, customised furniture and rugs, traditional khats have been converted into sofas, curtains and bed covers have been specially dyed by the family rangaara –all of them being very specific to this desert region of MARWAR.

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