Heritage Village Pragpur, Kangra


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Added On : Dec 20, 2014

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Pragpur, is India's first heritage village. The village is set to have been established in the seventeenth century by the Kuthiala sub-caste of the Sood community of the region. Traditionally, the Kuthialas were the treasure keepers of Kangra’s ruling house. The name ‘Pragpur’ is said to have been derived from Pragdevi or Pragrani, a lady who may have been connected with the ruling family of the tract. 'Prag' in Sanskrit also means pollen. Situated about 60 kilometers from Dharamsala, Pragpur, is located at an elevation of around 585 metres in the Kangra District. Pragpur is a perfect base to explore the Kangra area, with its forts, temples and ancient history. Garli, is a sister village of Pragpur, located around 4 kilometers away. It is older in history than Pragpur, and is also a notified heritage village. The wealth of the village can be seen in the grand but now deserted buildings that adorn the streets of Garli. Though there are local buses from Pragpur to Garli, it is just a pleasant walk away, passing through the smaller vilalge of Muhin.

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