You Must Take Extra Care During Typhoid


Typhoid is a common disease worldwide, which spreads by salmonella typhi bacteria transmitted through contaminated food like unprotected fruits, milk, water, milk etc. The most common symptoms of the disease include back pain, headache, diarrhea, constipation, cough, lack of appetite and white patches on tongue, sign of bad digestion and a crucial symptom includes a high fever at a particular time during noon that comes down by the evening. 

Proper diet is main weapon to fight against typhoid

Fever is main problem for a patient during typhoid but it affects your stomach most. To fight against typhoid you must take care of your eating habits and proper diet. Typhoid is a problem in itself but it becomes more complicated if you are careless in its treatment or your diet, which can cause a relapse after a partial recovery. Indigestion and diarrhea are common problems during typhoid beside constipation due to gastrointestinal tract infection (GTE) therefore your diet plays important role in your recovery from typhoid.

Your best options during typhoid treatment

To keep your body immunity strong during typhoid fever it is advised to eat as much fruits and vegetables as possible, which keep you strong to fight against illness and bring you, back to normal.

Vegetables- leafy vegetables and tomatoes are your best options, which help protect you suffering from constipation by keeping your intestine clean.

Buttermilk- Buttermilk keeps your stomach better by saving your intestine from perforation a main damage caused during typhoid.

Baked items in place of fried or roasted- Eating backed or steamed food helps your digestion system, which keep your digestion perfect.

Protein is must- Protein helps repair body tissues but its intake should be in limited quantity during typhoid fever. Intake of salt is also necessary to keep body safe against diarrhea. A typhoid patient should eat liquid diets in smaller quantities at regular intervals, which are easy to digest. Eating non-vegetarian proteins is not advisable because these are hard to digest.

Fast foods, ghee, oily items are strict no, no, for a typhoid patients because these consist fine-flour and potatoes, which are not easily digested and can cause a relapse.            

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