Is It Possible To Cure Dyslexia

There is a common notion that dyslexia is incurable. This makes lot of people upset. First of all, to understand the whole problem you must know what dyslexia is and when do you say someone as dyslexic. Many people attribute dyslexia to the problem of reading. If the problem persists only when you read then if you learn to read the issue should be cleared. But this is something more than that. In fact, this is a syndrome with bundles of symptoms.

The various symptoms of dyslexia are reading problem, omitting words or letters when reading a passage, trouble with spelling, poor short term memory and underdeveloped motor skills and many more. But it is not a necessity that all of the symptoms should be present. If a person has three or more symptoms then there is a great possibility that he might be dyslexic.

There has not been great awareness among people about dyslexia. Many children are given great punishments by the teachers and parents for not writing or reading properly. If they understand the problem and approach from psychological point of view then half of the problem will be solved. A dyslexic child often looks like a normal child and he is often gifted with mathematical abilities. Only a teacher or a mother can find out if he has such problems.

To cure dyslexia, you cannot tackle one symptom at a time as this will be slow and laborious process. Rather you could make a sensible order and try to conquer one of them so that this will induce the next. You can save much of your efforts by following this method. For example, if a child omits few letters or words when reading, you may give some exercises to make it concentrate better. You should not follow serious methods. Rather you could just make it as enjoyable as possible. Keeping a box of rice and asking the child to write over the rice will make the child enjoy as he learns.

You can solve the reading and writing problem with consistent practice. But if the child has poor phonological skills then it is harder to treat. You can make use of phonic teaching systems that are available online. You have to train the ears of the child to enable it differentiate the sounds. If you could treat phonological and motor problems then this will automatically improve the spelling and poor reading as the brain is now trained for this. With a number of different approaches curing dyslexia though not easy is possible.

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