You Can Have Your Own Gym At Home


Your own gym at home

Most people remain too busy with their tight schedule for going out for regular walk or jog in the morning or cannot spare time for regular exercises in a gym outside to keep fit, they can maintain their own gym in their own homes to exercise whenever they find time according to their own convenience and time table. In case you are planning to set a place for the purpose, let us discuss about equipments available in the market.

Cycling machine

Cycling is one of the best exercises especially for fat reduction, heart and thy muscles shaping. Most of us who do not find enough time to go out and cycle for miles exercising purpose can have it in their own gym and take maximum benefit. This exercise is good for complete body fitness and back pain as well. The cost of cycle depends upon features and facilities of the equipment.

Treadmill machine

The treadmill machine gives you opportunity to run for miles in safety of your room without bothering about weather conditions. You can monitor your speed, pulls, blood pressure and heart rate etc while you are doing your running. The treadmill keeps an effective check on weight and keeps your heart healthy. The rates of the machine may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and it may go further up if you opt for an imported machine with more features.

Cross trainer

Cross trainer is a costly device but it is very effective to tone-up your body according to your choice very fast. Mostly people with extra pounds use it to burn their extra fat and become fit in quick time.

Bio Force

Bio force is an imported machine used for multiple exercises for chest, thy, biceps, triceps, shoulders and back, etc. This machine is in medium price range and one of the most effective for fitness freaks.


Dumbbells probably are the oldest way of muscles making and part of fitness program in the world having prices within easy reach of a common person. Imported dumbbells are also available but Indian dumbbells starting from approximately Rs100/kg is not a bad idea. You can do different muscles developing exercises easily within your home with the help of dumbbells. 

Apart from these fitness equipments people go for different indoor games like table tennis, Fuss ball a football like game played with a partner with the help of a handle to send the ball in other half. 

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