Women And Their Stretch Marks

Most women think that stretch marks are permanent after delivery and accept them despite these marks effecting their personality adversely however they are not aware that they can get rid of these marks with little bit of precaution.


First of all they should know that pregnancy is not the only reason for stretch marks on their body with a slow process that is not even traceable but affect their personality. Most women find these marks undesired and hate them but do almost nothing to get rid of these. Here are some of the tips for your benefit-


1- olive oil is one the best remedies for removing stretch marks to remove stretch marks although the process may take time but it’s a sure fire way to remove marks.


2- Almond oil is another good medium to solve problems caused by stretch marks. You have to mix raw sugar to exfoliate your skin with this paste to lessen the effects of marks.


3- Aroma oil massage during pregnancy reduces the chances of stretch marks.


4- Vitamin E oil is very useful to reduce stretch marks in case you find it difficult to arrange vitamin E oil you should use capsules of vitamin E easily available at medical stores. Mixing the content of these capsules in any massage oil will help your cause.


5- Aloe Vera gel mixed with vitamin E oil or Cod liver oil is another good option to solve your problem of reducing stretch marks.


6- White portion of egg helps to get rid of these marks from your body.


Here is a beauty parlor technique for you- Use castor oil on your skin and wrap it with a piece of plastic sheet. Keep a hot water bottle on the sheet for half an hour and wash it in half an hour that would help remove the stretch marks very effectively. The beauty parlors charge a high fee for this treatment but you can do it at your home easily.



You should know that every substance does not suit every body with same affect therefore you should know what works well with your marks. You can try different materials and see what is good for you. Here are few oils you can choose from these-


* Lavender oil

* Rosemary oil

* Calendula oil

* Vitamin E Oil

* Cocoa Butter

* Shea Butter           

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