Which Is The Best CBSE Or ICSE?


Now a days parents are in a serious hunt of the best schools for their children. Finding a good school is very easy, but finding an apt school for your child needs some knowledge about the various Educational Boards, their functions, syllabus etc.. Our child’s capacity or IQ level should also be considered. In our country we have various Boards like State Board, Matriculation board, CBSE Board and ICSE.


Both CBSE and ICSE have nationwide same syllabus while State Board and Matriculation follow a different pattern for each state. The State Board syllabus is designed by the department of Education of a concerned State and the Matriculation syllabus is set up by the Matriculation board of a particular State. Moreover State   Board Exams are content based and the students are not given a chance to write their answers in their own style, so they started mugging up the answers thereby lose their originality. Matriculation is considered to be better than State Board but not better than CBSE and ICSE. Here also the textual content is emphasized on the students, and the analytical thinking is less. But they are given more opportunities to participate in the extracurricular activities. As these two boards are state oriented, it would be problematic for the children  whose parents have transferable jobs.


And so, today most of the parents prefer CBSE or ICSE for their children. And many of them are confused between CBSE and ICSE. They have a big question “Which Board will be better for the development of my child? “So lets us now discuss about the Boards and their syllabus.


Both the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) are self-financing educational institutions. CBSE is a Board of Education for the public and private schools under the Union Government of India. CBSE affiliates all Kendriya vidyalayas, all Jawahar Navodaya vidyalayas, private school,and most of the schools approved by the central Government of India, Whereas the ICSE is not a board, but it is an examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate examinations(ICSE),  a private, non-governmental board of school education in India, for class 10. The ICSE was established by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate. And it was adopted for Indian requirements. The university was  previously called the Senior Cambridge.


One of the major factor  that can be noticed is that the Indian government has recognized CBSE, but has not recognized the ICSE. Anyway no need to panic , the certificate given by both the institutions are valid globally. Coming to the next point there are a large number of schools affiliated to the CBSE, but not with the ICSE. Besides that  the CBSE Board allows regular and private candidates take the exams but ICSE will not allow students who have not been studying in ICSE affiliated school to take exams.


Discussing about the syllabus, the ICSE syllabus is considered to be a little bit harder when compared to the CBSE. ICSE has a number of papers more than CBSE. While CBSE has only one paper in English, ICSE has two papers. ICSE has two separate papers History and geography in social science  but CBSE  has one social science paper which includes both history and geography. ICSE has three papers physics, chemistry and Biology  in science group, whereas CBSE has one paper in science which includes physics chemistry and Biology. Environmental Education is compulsory in ICSE but not in CBSE.


CBSE students seem to have a more scope in UPSC administrative service examinations, such as the IAS and the IPS. However when the entrance exams outside India such as the SAT and TOEFL are considered, the ICSE students are more successful than CBSE students as  there is a clear emphasis on English and its literature in ICSE syllabus.


All-India level Competitive Entrance Exams such as IIT-JEE, AIEEE and AIPMT are based on the CBSE syllabus and so the parents who want their children to write these entrances prefer the CBSE syllabus for their children. The CBSE syllabus is considered intensive and the ICSE, more extensive. That is , on the CBSE system of teaching, there is a more objective kind of questions, which prepare students for national level competitive exams. Under the ICSE board, projects are an integral part of the curriculum. It helps  to develop the analytical skills in a student. It prepares the students for international Entrance Exams conducted abroad. The medium of instruction in CBSC is both in English and Hindi whereas the medium of instruction in ICSE is only in English.


Coming to the Examinations, SSC exams are content based, the CBSE exams are application based, and the ICSE exams are knowledge, understanding, application and skill-set based. The ICSE students can easily switch to CBSE at higher levels , whereas  most CBSC students find it difficult to shift to ICSE at higher levels.


In some schools, due to the limited school timings and heavy syllabus the teachers complete the portions quickly and the students are forced to learn it. And forcible learning  will not give a a joyful learning to a student.  So even practical approach with force is useless. 


Our Education system values a student only with the percentage of marks obtained, irrespective of the board. So in that case if an ICSE Student though has got more practical knowledge, gets less % marks than a CBSE student or state Board student, will not get recognition.


Now it’s in the hands of the parents to decide whether they want their children to get a high percentage of marks, or want them to pass the competitive Entrance Exams conducted within our Country or else send them abroad to continue their studies. ICSE students will be more comfortable   when they attend any competitive exams abroad, whereas it will be a bit tough for the CBSE students. Parents must understand their children’s interests and also IQ level. If a child with an average IQ level is forced to study on ICSE then it will be a burden for the child.


State Board  has a main objective to make even the students with lower IQ to complete their school successfully. They do not focus on competency for entrance examinations of medical and engineering. However the Government has instructed  the engineering and medical colleges to allocate higher number of seats to state board students than CBSE and ICSE students.


Finally I conclude that keeping all these factors in mind, parents must discuss with their children and make a right choice so that their Children will have a fun learning. The parents should seek the inner talents of their children and should support them to develop it . This helps the children in their personal development.

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