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Getting the right solutions to questions can be an occasion for students to rejoice. In fact, many students prefer to keep an answer key with them while solving the questions assigned to them. Answer key is available in the form of solved papers for CBSE as well as ICSE while preparing for Class X and XII examinations.

NCERT stands for National Council for Educational Research and Training that aims to strengthen academic development of students across India. In context to the great level of stress exerted on students in the form of examinations, many NCERT solutions are provided in the form of sample papers amidst others.

The National Council of Educational Research and Training(NCERT) with headquarters in New Delhi, is the topmost resource institute that has been set up by the Government of India. The purpose is to help out as well as recommend to the Central and different State Governments on academic issues pertaining to school education. At present, Prof. Krishna Kumar is the Director of this institute and is shaping it in consonance with its objectives.

The objective of NCERT is to assist and advise the Ministry of Education and Social Welfare in realization of its policies and major programmes in the field of education, and particularly school education. The NCERT offers educational as well as administrative support for development of school curriculum through its diverse elements. Responsibilities of NCERT include Development, Research, Training, Publication, Extension and Dissemination and Exchange Programmes. The NCERT also drafts, publishes and recommends school text books (from Class I to Class XII) for various subjects based on the recommendations of knowledgeable faculty of the subject.

The solutions also include varied science and mathematic kits that are made accessible to the students online. The provision of online education kits and solutions has made it accessible to a wider range of people. With technology on the boom, online education is bound to become more user-friendly. In the present-day scenario, students are often encouraged by the teachers and parents to use online resources for completion of their projects or research work. The inclination towards dependence upon online resources is primarily because it is less time consuming and most importantly free-of-cost for the most part.

So now, be it students, teachers or parents, all can relax when it come to finding solutions for assignment questions given, as NCERT has varied solutions for them.

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