When Should You Begin Treatment Of Cholesterol?


Though life style gives cholesterol to you, you need to take medicines to bring it under control. When should we start treatment for cholesterol? Just go through my column to get more details.


If you are a heart patient who has been attacked by an attack or stroke you should take proper care of your body, so you should never leave medicines of cholesterol. Except for the people belonging to ‘Hunters’ and ‘Gatherers’ who have rare chances of heart attack, cholesterol is the main villain of heart related problems.


Cholesterol treatment emphasizes control of bad cholesterol in our body. It depends on cholesterol level of each individual to determine which treatments and what medicines are to be prescribed. Danger factors are equally important as they give chances to heart problems later.


There are 5 factors that lead to heart problems – smoking, high blood pressure, less amount of good cholesterol (below 40), hereditary reasons and age. Problems related to blood vessels are common in men in the age group above 45 and women in the age group above 55. In this age group, if LDL level is above 130, never hesitate to start treatment. In certain special cases, you may need to start treatment when you reach 100-129 levels.


If danger factors are absent or only one present, no problem if you start treatment only after 190 levels of LDL. If chances of 2 or more danger factors exist, start treatment when your LDL reaches 160.


A few medicine tips


It’s a myth that age is not a determining factor for cholesterol medicines. Many people leave the procedure to leave cholesterol medicines once it is under control. It’s not a correct procedure. You should continue your medicines as per doctor’s instructions. Otherwise it may give rise to many serious issues later. Never leave medicines fearing its side effects. If you avoid intake of medicines, the problems formed are much higher than those side effects.  


Common medicines used for cholesterol treatment


Statins, Nicotinic acid, Fibrates, Ezetimibe and Omega 3 fatty acid are the common medicines used. Of all these mentioned medicines, statins are most popular.


Cholesterol is of two types – LDL and HDL. HDL protects your heart while LDL destroys it. It’s your duty to increase HDL to give extra protection to your heart as well as other internal organs.

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