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Missile temple of India

How would you think if you go to a temple and found out that people are worshipping missiles in place of deities of gods or goddesses! Surprised but it is true for a temple in Wheeler Island along the cost of Orissa. I must mention that Wheeler Island is the place where India has launched many of its missiles from here. The temple of Lord Shiva has become a unique place because it has witnessed almost every one concerned with missiles including missile man Dr. Abdul Kalam to Tessy Thomas or present DRDO chief VK Sarswat.

The Wheeler Island

The scientists found this Island by accident while searching for a lost missile located off the coast of East Indian state of Odisha at a distance of about 10km or almost 68km from Chandipur where headquarters of our missile test center for different tests including nuclear and ballistic missiles are tested.

Prithvi Point

The temple found on a barren Island while searching for a lost missile’s debris after its failed launch on this small Island with no population but this temple was surprising for visiting scientists. Later Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) developed and arranged for a priest for the temple where they pray for the success of our missile programs here.

The priest

Now, the priest is especially invited to perform special Pooja before every launch of a missile who performs the special occasion with eleven coconuts. They place a red Tika on the head of missile first and then entire team present their. Once the scientists feel assured of their program’s success, they turn toward their computers. By the way, there is an underground facility for these computers but no one but scientists can stay there during launch of a missile.

Isn’t it surprising to note that our best team of scientists has deep faith despite belonging to different religions as you can find Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Sikhs all worshiping there without any problem or thoughts of a particular religion? That is proof of our deep-rooted culture of co-existence in people of our country. Our cultural beliefs make us different from any other cultures in the world. 

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Suny would like to visit Wheeler Island.

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