Wedding Lehenga Cholis - The Quintessential Outfit For Indian Brides


Marriage, the biggest celebration of one’s life, is the most important day, in the life of every girl.  Every girl from her child years is excited for her D-Day in life. It is the day when girls have mixed feelings of emotions, nervousness, excitement, happiness and sadness. Marriage is a social and most important event in life of both bride and groom. To make this occasion a memorable and an affair to remember everything is done with utmost dedication and love. The wedding day is very auspicious in all sense and for the bride it is the most memorable occasion. Thus, the wedding dress must look out of the ordinary in all ways. The most vital for both bride and groom is to look best on their wedding. Though every Indian bridal wear includes sarees, but the most famous traditional wear for them are Lehenga Cholis which are embellished with heavy embroidered work. Lehenga Cholis are gaining fame as the most preferred outfit in wedding these days.

Lehengas has been in trend for generations, and a simpler version is worn by women in many towns and villages of India every day. However, these days, for brides, this same outfit is jazzed up and made to suit the demands of the occasion.  Lehenga Choli had developed since the times of the tribals and nomads of ancient times & has its roots in the lavish mogul era. This designer Indian Lehenga Cholis has become the center of attraction of all festival and weddings. Lehenga Cholis pays perfect tribute to the elegance of womanhood. They have gained popularity not just in India but casting its magic on western women's also.

Basically a Lehenga Choli is a combination of long skirt (lehenga), blouse (choli) or Kurti and a stole (dupatta).  It is considered as fashionable attire and the designer work done on it adds to its elegance. Today, you can find a huge variety of dazzling Lehenga cholis meant for any occasion available in different styles and numerous designs.

The bridal lehenga choli is the quintessential outfit for the bride on her wedding day in India. The fashionable yet traditional outfit is now worn in different styles during weddings in India. With the new trends in fashion, the Indian bridal lehengas has been modernized and is draped in different styles. This elegant and traditional looking outfit is a significant part of Indian tradition. However, these Lehenga cholis have undergone immense changes in the recent times. The fabulous designer work adds an essence of elegance and charm to the modern lehenga cholis. There are wide varieties of exquisite Indian bridal lehengas that includes:

  • Straight cut lehengas
  • Fish tail lehengas
  • Mermaid lehengas
  • Paneled lehengas
  • Kali ghagras lehengas
  • Circular lehengas
  • A-line lehengas

All these lehenga cholis are made using lavish fabrics like silk, cotton, Georgette, crape, net, satin, brocade and chiffon embellished with charming and fashionable motif, zari, aari work, beads, booti work, cut dana work, dubka work, dori embroidery and mirror work that makes them opulent and stylish attire & give brides an attractive look that they always desired for. They are also available in a wide range of colors though most of the brides prefer red color but now they have also become quiet opt and experimental regarding the distinctive colors likes peach, pink, and blue, sea green and many more. The perfect way to select a lehenga is to keep in mind the wearer’s personality and complexion. One must seek to look well- groomed yet stylish at the same time. Marriages are once in a while special event so it is important to make sure that the right bridal lehengas goes with the suitable personality.

The latest modern style is a blend of the traditional lehenga choli and a saree and is called as the Lehenga Style Saree in which the panels of the lehenga is replaced with the pleats of the saree giving a new look and makes it easier for those who are new to wearing sarees.

So make your wedding more memorable & special with silhouette lehenga cholis that will give you a dazzling look that you always wanted to have

Happy wedding!

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