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The Indian silver is used for various purposes. Indian people consider gold and silver as a good means of making investments. They have high liquidity and so they could be cashed at anytime. The silver bars are available in India in various sizes. Though the price of Indian silver is quoted in rupees, the international market and the dollar rupee exchange rate affect the daily rate of Indian silver. You can see the daily market rate of silver in many websites. The site gives you the last one week price of silver in Indian rupees per kg. You can also get the price of silver at any point of time in the last few years in this site. This helps you to compare the current prices with the older ones.


Indian silver jewelry is famous in India and abroad. Silver is a shining metal and attractive too. It is made into different shapes and gem stones are fixed to it to make it value added product that everyone would love to possess. In Indian families, there is a tradition of judging one’s status by their holdings of gold and silver. So, people naturally love to buy more and more of these precious metals. Silver is purchased in the form of jewelry and other items like vessels, plates, tumblers, lamps, photo frames, idols of gods and goddesses are made of Indian silver.


The 92.5 percent sterling silver is the pure silver. When you are purchasing the Indian silver products make sure that they are made from pure sterling silver. If they are not pure they will lose their shine after few months. The silver utensils should be washed periodically with care. They have to be cleaned dry before storing them to retain their shiny looks. The gold and silver is purchased in more quantities to be given as dowry during the marriage of the girl children in many Indian families.


The different types of jewelry items made with Indian silver are silver earrings, silver necklaces, silver bracelets, silver bangles, silver anklets, silver toe rings, silver rings, silver pendants, silver chains, etc. There are separate shops in India that sell silver products. The Indian silver anklets and silver toe rings are quite famous among Indian women. Though they purchase other pieces of jewels in gold, they prefer the metal silver for their anklets and toe rings because they think that gold is too precious to be worn on their legs. So, the Indian silver anklets and toe rings are available in different designs and patterns. Married women wear silver toe rings as a mark of their marriage.


When you buy Indian silver you need to pay making charges along with the cost of silver. In many Indian stores the product is weighed and making charges which will be usually 10 to 20 percent of the cost of the jewelry is added to it. Always go to authentic and genuine shops if you want to buy Indian silver. The Indian silver that is pure has good resale value. So check twice before you make your purchase.

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