We Must Plan In Advance

Dengue Problem

Dengue is an annual problem and it spreads in almost every state of India but most of us living in north India get to hear mostly about the cases and death toll of Delhi only. And the irony is that as soon the weather will change and dengue cases will reduce everyone is going to forget about it until the next year when it will come back again. And then they will again begin the campaign of making the capital of India a world class city. In fact, nobody will remember whom to blame for the reoccurrence of dengue which is a regular feature for years in Delhi and surrounding areas.

Everyone in this country knows that we lack proper health facilities in India and most of the citizen cannot wear the burden of expensive treatment for diseases like Dengue. As far the government health services are concerned these are nothing but mere paper formalities. The rich can afford the costly treatment available in private nursing homes but even the government hospitals give them priorities based on their contacts etc.   

Public Health

Most of our government departments responsible for public health welfare have their roles limited to newspaper, radio and television advertisements suggesting public ways of how to keep your homes safe by not allowing dengue mosquitoes but do nothing concrete. They do not apply fogging or instruct their employees to keep localities free from dengue mosquitoes but expect public to do everything on their own. In short government authorities do not work sincerely but everything is done on paper only.

As per world health organization (W.H.O) almost half a million people suffer from dengue and almost 40% of them suffer in our country and the quantity will increase if we do not make proper plans right from today. As we all know that India is known for its poor health awareness and the way we let our habitation allow unplanned, without keeping sanitation and cleanliness in our agenda the problems are bound to increase. The only solution of getting rid of such problems is to make a planning to keep public places and residential colonies properly sanitized well in advance.    

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