Daily morning walk is good for health, though it vitalises our body temperature at a regular intreval of time. Study tells that  Walking in the Mist or Fog helps to glow our face, it cleanses our face naturally and it gives a dust free atmosphere and also provides good oxygen with an unpolluted air. Regular walking helps a man to get a fit body. As it is stated that Walking is considered as a Day- to -Day activity for human beings. It regulates our blood pressure and helps in good flowing of blood through out our body, also it helps to increase our blood circulation as well.


Beach walks is enjoyfull though we can get fresh free sense of air, just a walk by listening to songs and at the same time we can chat with our friends, so that we dont find how the time runs along in a fraction of seconds. The most important factor of walking is that the distance your cover while walking , keep your pace speed at 10 to 12 kilometers per hour, so that it helps in burning the waste calories in our body. A power walking helps to burn 100 calories per mile for a normal person. This deals with the speed which you maintain while walking. Reducing our body weight naturally is best than going for an artificial weight loss treatments or going for a clinic to reduce the weight.


Walking is a simple and easy way exercising and also it is considered as a best way of exercise because it gives movements to each and every parts of our body, stretches our legs and also stretches our both arms while swinging. It reduces the cholestrol in our blood, releases our body pressure, tension free, sense of relaxation on the beach or at parks.  


Things to check before going for walking exercise:

* Strictly no food consumption before taking a walk
* Avoid busy roads, traffics and no drinking of water before or while walking
* Apply oil to both of your legs and hands as it helps in stretching
* Must take a deep sleep on previous day night .                                  


Most of the women get problems in their heavy works either while working at their office or at home and also they get pressure to their body at the time of their Menstrunal cycle every month, but continous walk makes them get ease stressful in their body not as stressful like a walking in the earliest hours of dawn. It helps them to get reduce their body weight. Walking helps every persons father, mother, family members, an athlete,sportsman, students, corporates and also for the senior citizens.Now a days it  is mainly important for students because it helps to improve their concentration and lead their stressless life. Regular walking is must for every morning walkers, Walk for atleast 5 miles per day and keep your body fit and healthier every time.

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