Walker Boot With Air Inflation System For Ankle Sprain

The boot-type walkers can be provided in a fixed mode or with ankle joints to provide articulation.  Pneumatic support is also available. The brace has a lightweight, durable, semi-rigid shell that will support the limb and provide protection.  Incorporated are medial and lateral uprights, heel and rocker sole.  Closure is achieved with Velcro. The strapping system provides full circumferential compression of the limb. The breathable fiber liner is washable. The articulated boot allows range of motion (ROM) usually from approximately 20 degrees dorsiflexion to 40 degrees plantar flexion.

Tynor Walker Boot is designed by the Tynor to rehabilitate the person after injury or fracture. It allows easy movement as well as supports the ankle and leg. This can be a great substitute for cast and also useful during early cast removal. It can also be used during sprain in the foot and this walker gives great relief to the pain. It can easily do any mild activity. It also works for the persons with a lower leg and will give an equal level of the lower feet as well as reduces the pressure. It effectively enclosed the muscles of the leg or foot during the fracture and gives comfort without disturbing the recovery process.

This walker boot is made up from the good quality material. It has Aluminum lateral bars that are corrosion free. It is light in weight and provides enhanced mobility. It gives sturdy support to feet and leg. Its Hook Loop system allows to adjust it according to the comfort. It is also infused with Foam liner and Pad set that gives soft feet and also provides great support. It is available in different sizes.

Tynor Walker Boot is designed for rehabilitation after injury, fracture , sprains or surgery of foot, ankle or lower leg. The boots provide support to the ankle and leg without inhibiting mobility. They can be a substitute for cast or can be used in case of early cast removal. With a wider rocker bottom, these boots promote a natural gait, reduced plantar pressure, enhanced stability and comfort to the lower leg.


  • Light weight.
  • Sturdy Support.
  • Enhanced mobility.
  • Maintains normal gait.


Tynor Walker Boot Features

Moulded footImproves gait


  • Rocker sole—helps in easy ambulation
  • Offers stabilization of the foot ankle and the lower leg
  • Comfortable positioning and protection of the foot


Aluminum lateral bars

  • Rigid support–Improved immobilization of the ankle and the lower leg
  • Malleable, shape can be customized for better fitting and support

Foam liner and Pad set

  • Ensure extreme comfort
  • Ensure perfect fit of the leg in the orthosis.

Hook Loop system


  • Easy removal and application of the product
  • Allows wound inspection
  • Allows personal hygiene
  • Perfect fitting of the product
  • Improved stabilization.


Tynor Ankle Binder is an effective device to support, compress and partially immobilize the ankle following ankle sprain to control pain, oedema or inflammation. Composed of two components, elasticized wrap and compression sleeve, which is knitted on a 3 dimensional computer controlled circular looms.


  • Dual grip
  • Four way stretchable fabric.
  • Controlled compression.
  • Convenient application.


Tynor Ankle Binder Features

Anatomically shaped and reduced compression on patella


  • No Chondromalacia on prolonged use
  • Easy knee movement
  • Improved Comfort



Elasticized wrap in figure of eight


  • improves ankle stability.
  • Prevents inversion or aversion injuries.
  • Allows controlled compression and pain relief.


Bi-layered, cotton on the inside , a dermophillic interphase


  • Enhanced comfort
  • Better sweat absorption
  • No allergies or rash
  • Better patient compliance.


Bi-layered, nylon on the outside


  • Ensures long life
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Color fastness.
  • Retains body heat effectively.
  • Speeds up healingAllays pain


Four-way stretchable fabric

  • Effective compression
  • Enhanced comfort.
  • No vaso constriction.
  • Adjusts compression even on uneven diameters.
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