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Many people go to south of India for treatment. Vellore CMC hospital, Narayani hospital, Chennai hospital etc are some example of such hospital. People believed that they would be cured here. But what is main difference between these and other hospitals? Difference is only diagnosis and expenses. General people do not know about actual expenses but some cases prove that there may be some wrong.

Another and one of the important causes is behavior of Doctors and nurses and supporting staffs also. They behave like nearby relatives. From my own experience it is unparallel. In other part of India there are many hospitals and private doctors’ nursing home etc. Most of them do business, yes it is business but there should be some serving matter. But patient should keep some points in mind before going to a Doctor. Health is better than wealth.

They should clearly talk with doctor about the diseases. If they have any past history, they should tell.

They should inform about any previous treatment (if done) with medicine taken.

They should produce all test reports also.

If they have any monetary problem, he should inform it previously with permission.

Treatment should be done in time. Doctors should be given times. Patients should be co-operative with doctors every moment.  Medicine should be taken in proper time with proper amount as per doctors prescribe.

Doctors are also human beings. They might make some mistake. But many times patient party loose their patience and misbehave with doctors even some time they attack also. But this should not be so. If they have any problem or complain, they should go to proper authority.

We say that Doctors are God and yes they are god as they give new life to many. We should respect them and they also should do their proper duties.

There are many government hospitals in all over India. Few are good but most hospitals have many problems. Many have no actual doctor and nurse. Some hospitals have no medicine. Government should take care about these hospitals as many poor go to such hospitals for treatment. So hospital should not be business at all it should have some moralities.


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from my own experience I am sharing some views.

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