Thyroid Problem - A Complicated Hormonal Disorder

Female more prone to Thyroid problem

No woman can rest assured that she would never suffer from thyroid problem, as women are at four times greater risk compared to their male counterpart. If your thyroid is not working properly there may arise the problems of weight, energy level, memory loss, heart rate and cholesterol level etc.

What is thyroid?

Thyroid is a butterfly shaped gland in our neck that regulates Thyroxin and Triiodothyronine hormone in our body metabolism. Thyroid has basically two main disorders namely Hypothyroldism and Hyperthyroldism.

When our body produces too lesser hormones than required the stage is known as Hypothyroldism, that slows down most of our physical functions and when the quantity exceeds the minimum limits the stage is called Hyperthyroldism responsible for weight gain and depression. Hypothyroldism understood to be common most of hormonal problems of all.

Symptoms of Hypothyroldism- most common symptoms a patient of Hypothyroldism may face are tiredness, dry skin $ hair, depression, cold, weight gain, cramps and constipation although many more problems may occur in patients of Hypothyroldism.

Now we come to Hyperthyroldism- if our body is more hormones than we need, most of our systems work overtime affecting your heart most as it has to pump more blood to keep a regular circulation, making it exhaust faster than you should.

Symptoms of Hyperthyroldism- You feel too hungry too often and still might loose weight. You feel nervous at times, weakness, congestion in heart area, hypertension, irregular periods in women, etc are some common symptoms of Hyperthyroldism. The worst problem with thyroid problem is that most people ignore it considering it a bad result of sedentary lifestyle, which makes the situation tricky in the end when problem goes out of hands to a great extent. The sudden weight gain is considered a result of improper diets, extra calorie intake and no regular exercise that adds to problems.

There are multiple reasons for thyroid problems in our system but some of them are most common like it can take place due to a medicine being used for a particular treatment, low intake of iodine, some body toxins can also cause production of hormones also environmental factors may effect thyroid glands to some extent. Let me conclude with suggestion that never overlook a symptom because treatment of thyroid related problems is a complicated process.  

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