Those Hidden Poisons Of Daily Using Products


Healthy food is the vital factor needed for our energy. But, we take many hidden dangers along with our food. Mostly they are used for adding flavours and tastes. Through this article let me introduce you to a few such items.


Fluoride of toothpaste – We can’t keep our teeth clean free of plaques without proper brushing everyday. But fluoride content of teeth paste, if we use everyday will damage our teeth. Precipitated chalk and triclosan factors of toothpaste can cause cancer and hormonal defects.


Milk products – Milk is a complete food and we can’t avoid it from our daily diet. But if taken in excess it can lead to arteriosclerosis. Milk available in market, if not purified is harmful to our body. They may add antibiotics and many chemical substances to preserve and increase its thickness. It may lead to liver and kidney problems as well as ulcers. Tannin and caffeine content of tea and coffee if taken in excess, can lead to digestive problems and gas troubles.


Eggs – Egg is abundant source of proteins. But the eggs available in market might have undergone many changes; they may include many factors not needed for our body. Also, eggs may be weeks old. If taken in excess it can increase our cholesterol levels. If eggs belong to hens with diseases, they are not edible. Also hence may be injected with hormones for catalyzing their growth and egg production. When those hormones enter our body medicines like gentamycin can give new diseases to us.   


From rice to fruits – Through adulteration of food materials like rice and wheat DDT, hexachlorocyclohexane and arsenic enters human body. It leads to cancer and blood related problems. Adulteration is common in fruits and vegetables also.


Snacks and sweets – Everyone loves bakery items. To increase its taste, sweet and colour a lot of chemical substances are used. Preservatives of jams and syrups contain sulphur dioxide and sulfates. Benzoic acid used to resist fungus is also not good for health. It is also used in cakes, chocolates and paneer. Colours are added to ice creams, juices, squashes, pastry, cakes and toffee to attract kids as well as adults. Nitrates and nitrites are added to preserved meat products.    


Chinese villain – Chinese salt (Monosodium glutamate) used in Chinese preparations is unhealthy to kids below 12 years. Phenyl ketonurea to add sweet is harmful to brain. Wax is added to noodles to make them non-sticky. Plastic containers used for carrying water contain carcinogen and hence such bottles should be thrown away after using once.


Beauty products – It may cause skin allergies and if not used quality products, it may harm your skin health too. Toluene is contained in nail polish and hair dye that may cause troubles to liver and kidneys. Such hidden dangers are found in kohl and mascara too. 


For natural preservation of food materials, read

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