The Temple Town Of Udupi


The coastal region of Karnataka is ripe with so many cities dedicated to religion. One of the most popular places among them is a small district called Udupi located an hour away from Mangalore.


This district probably has around a population of ten Lakhs. The predominant language spoken here is Tulu and most people also speak Kannada which is the first language in Karnataka. It is basically a peaceful city with people going about their business generally. There is a beach called Malpe which is located around six kilometers from Udupi. This is a main tourist attraction. This beach also consists of an island called the Saint Mary’s island which was most recently known for hosting an international music festival called Spring Zouk. One has to catch a ferry from the shore in order to reach this island.


The main city of Udupi is quite average and it is most famous for its chief temple called the Krishna temple. So many devotees from all over the state and country come here to visit and it is almost always packed to the brim. There are also a number of other smaller less popular temples but no less in terms of importance. These temples are the main reason Udupi is famous.


It is also because it is located near one of the foremost educational hub of India which is Manipal. If you are looking to visit Udupi the perfect time would be the winter season since the heat during the other seasons could be unbearable sometimes. The beach and the temples would be your main attractions. Not just that but the people are very hospitable here. One can literally fall in love with the seafood here which is some of the best you can get in India. There are numerous places to stay and things to do here that I can guarantee you will not get bored. It is of course one of the quietest and the most peaceful regions you can find anywhere and on occasions like festivals the streets are filled with people conducting colorful parades and procession especially during the Ganesha festival.

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