The Indian Education System

India is one of the largest populations’ in the world, the second largest to be precise. The only reason why we say so, or how all the economists came to this conclusion was the simple calculation of the number of heads that exist in the country, this is a calculation of the total human resource. This human resource is just a total head count but if one tries to sift out the quality human resource from the rest you are left out with a hand full, why?


One of the major reasons for this is the Indian education system. Indian studies include a lot of hard work that is just not enough. In this world of smart phones and super smart computers the world needs dedicated and innovative human resource, the Indian education system fails to contribute to any of the above, all that the education in India is focused at is creating a race of people who willingly follow what is told to them, the Indian education system is not concerned with the basic fundamentals of creating value of its human resource. The Indian education system seems as if it is intended to put so much pressure on individuals at the primary education level that they get suffocated and either quit or end up being uneducated in the true sense.  


Indian studies is more about knowing things, less about understanding it and implying it to real life situations, that has caused this gap. The solution is nothing but to focus on quality education, quality means a lot of focus on creativity, developing scientific temper and other important aspects to gaining practical education. Practical education is something that is given to all students in every other part of the world, the reason why we fail to impart that level of education can partly be blamed on the economic condition of the country, but it has been seen that private institutes that charge hefty fees fail to impart the requisite knowledge to the students, these are questions that every parent should be asking to the institute their child goes to. Every student should be asking their teachers and every citizen should be asking the government.

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