Symptoms Of Liver Damage


Liver is one of the major organs in our body. If it is not working properly your health faces problems. Damage of liver is difficult to know. The reasons for liver damage are consuming alcohol, taking richer in oil foods, High fat foods and many. The reason for the Damage of liver is unknown. There are many symptoms to know the damage of liver for example we can say bad smell from your mouth or indigestion as it take lot of time to digest. These are some of the symptoms for the damage of liver. There is one myth that the person whose liver is damaged Is an alcoholic but this is not true even there are many people whose liver is damaged with out drinking alcohol this is due to their food habits and obese.

Here are some symptoms to know that the liver damage:

Bad smell in your mouth:

This is the first thing to know if your liver is not working properly that your mouth will smell like damaged onions. This is due to large amounts of ammonia is produced in your body.

Symptoms in Eyes:

Due to damage of liver that your skin under eyes will be in black colour and your eyes will get tired easily.

Digestion Problems:

Due to in functioning of liver your digestive systems will not work properly. Even it could not digest water also. If you are having digestive problems over a period of days that you must have damaged liver.

Effects on skin:

Due to damage of liver white spots are appeared on your skin as they are called as liver spots.

Urine occurs as dark in yellow colour:

Many of us know due to more heat or dehydration your urine will be in dark in colour but on daily basis damage of liver is caused.

Eyes changes to yellow colour:

when your eyes are turned in to yellow you will know easily that your liver is damaged.

Nails in yellow colour:

When your nails are changed from white to yellow you have infected with jaundice. This is due to damage of liver.

Bitter to taste:

Bitter taste is produced by liver as it produces an enzyme called bile. Due to damage of liver your mouth will have only bitter taste.

Swelling in liver:

Due to damage liver gets enlarged this shows effect on your abdomen size.

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