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These days our movie industry is mostly concentrating on the life stories of the sports stars. Very shortly our stars are going to entertain us with many different characters of Sports stars. It’s a good thought of the directors of making movies on the real life’s of sports stars, because they are the real hero’s who have worked very hardly for success and who have increased the fame of our nation. Let’s have a look of such movies which are under process of picturization.

Amir Khan : in the direction of Mr Nithis Thivari, Amir Khan is performing the character of Mr Mahaveer Singh. This movie is based on the life story of Mahaveer Singh for which Amir Khan is getting trained in fighting arts.

Salman Khan: Even Salman Khan is also on the same track of Amir Khan. He is also under the training of fighting arts. He is working for the movie called “Sulthan”  under the direction of Ali Abbas Jafar with Yashraj Films. Prinithi Chopra will be the actress for this movie and this movie is going to be released for next ramdhan of 2016.

Akshaya Kapoor: Akahsya Kapoor and Siddarth Malhothra are acting as brothers in the move called Boxers. Kiran Malhothra is the director for this movie and this movie is going to be released on August 14th of 2015.

Aliya Bhat: Udtha Punjab is the movie for which Aliya Bhat is playing the role of sports women who got addicted to drugs. Shahid Kapoor, Kanira Kapoor and Aliya Bhat will be playing the main roles in this movie. This movie will be release in the end of this year.

Imran Hasmi: On the basis of the life story of Azaruddin, a movie called “Ajahar” is on sets. Imran Hasmi is the hero for this movie. Tony Disoja is the director of the movie which will be released in the month of may of 2016.

Niraj Pandey: Niraj Pandey is working for a movie called “M.S.Dhoni – The Untold story” which is based on the life story of M.S Dhoni.  Alia Bhat is the actress for this movie. This movie will be coming on screens on October 22nd of this year.

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