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Fatehpur Sikri Photos

Young woman in Fatehpur Sikri, India.



India is gigantic, India is colorful. India is also chaotic, noisy and polluted as the photographer Kristian Bertel has pictured. These and many other attributes characterize one of the most diverse countries on the globe. On a journey through India, a country so diverse that you think you are traveling through different worlds and pure luxury and wealth are often faced with a few meters of poverty, dirt and disease...


Traveling in India

Traveling across the subcontinent of India takes you through vibrant cities, encounters numerous cultures and encounters a varied geography. With swanky temples, lively markets, lively festivals and delight in the culinary diversity of the country. More than 1.1 billion people live in the second most populous country in the world. That is almost four times as many as in the whole of Europe. However, you do not have to assume that you are bumping into crowds everywhere. Most of the population is located in the fertile plains of the Ganges. Alone in the cities of Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata live about 40 to 50 million people. India has a lot of visitors to offer highlights. One can get to know the capital Delhi but also Varanasi, the sacred Hindu city and both have their charms. In Ellora in Maharashtra, one can take a look at the temples hewn in stone.


Tradition and culture in India

With the dimensions of the Indian continent, it is not enough that over time a number of cultures have formed there too. You basically can not speak of a unified Indian culture because the cultures are just too different. Add to that the gigantic distances. The Indian culture is strongly influenced by the four main religions Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. All have left their mark in the form of palace and fortifications and sacred buildings. The variety of Indian culture one will also discover on the basis of the many cheerful and boisterous festivals that run throughout the year.


The most famous are Diwali, which is the Festival of Lights and Gandhi Jayanti and Indian culture includes many culinary delights. For some, however, it will take your breath away, they are so sharp. What unites India in cultural terms is the Bollywood film industry. Even in the smallest nest, the stars of the industry are known. Another common feature is respect for the other. In the traditional welcome ceremonies Indians fold their hands, bow slightly to their counterparts and say 'Namaste' and this custom comes from the Hindus.


Photographing the Indian culture

Spirit is often synonymous with the soul and for the photographer and his photographs from India. He is a photographer, who has traveled in Rajasthan, one of the most colorful provinces in India. He specializes in travel and portrait photography. As a dedicated traveler he is always tries to depict life in a pure and simple and unstaged way. Giving the viewer the feelings and emotions, he experiences while photographing, is what he tries to accomplish in each of his photographs. The state of Rajasthan is really worth a trip for which the India traveler should take enough time.


The photographer had stayed in Varanasi far too long, but this city, with its timeless atmosphere and unconditional will to tradition, can really please your heart. It should also be noted that I have also been struck by various kinds of adversity. It is well known that India is not only the land of contrasts, contrasts and extremes in cliche.


Hopefully, this travel article will inspire you to go to India.

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The author, Kristian Bertel is an India travel photographer focusing solemnly on India and her website www.kristianbertel.dk is dedicated to the incredible country of India.

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