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Spa is good for relaxation of body and soul


Complete spa is wonderful and effective way of relaxing your body for stresses, which is picking and becoming popular in our country. Spa considered a relaxing art in many countries including our country especially in Kerala of south India.


Spa is not only massage but also aroma therapy, bathing, hot spring, hot tub, mud bath, sauna bath, steam bath, Body wraps, Facial massage, weight guidance, nail care, meditation, waxing, foot spa and soda fountain etc are included in spa.


You can safely add Thai massage, a unique style of crossed armed massage that needs no oil as such but lot of dry massage, flower, skin peeling, foot reflexology crystal and other massage are included where oil, water, essence etc are used to make an effective treatment on body.




Aromatherapy is one of the major branches of spa. They generally clean body first with the use of a good cleanser before giving a hot compressor treatment that opens pours of body immediately. Next step is to massage body with essential oils. Scrubbing body with hot water touchup makes a wonderful affect on the body. A steam treatment followed by oil massage finally completes the process of aromatherapy 


Spa therapy


Spa therapy basically a massage through different pressure points also different kinds of wraps are used on body for about twenty minutes. After giving a shower essential oils are inducted through pours of body, which give a wonderful relaxing effect to body soul and mind. As generally believed that this therapy works wonderfully well on memory power along with other benefits like refreshing and getting rid of body pains. Spa that is popular form of Aurveda treatment is coming in a big way to smaller towns of our country thus far a luxury for people living in metros only.


Business angle


I am sure the way people are being stressed in present day scenario the massage would have its importance and become more popular in our country soon. Most beauty parlors are adding spa centers as their additional departments for attracting more customers and earning far better than ever before.  

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