Some Tips To Avoid Bad Body Odour.


Sweat is a common thing for every human being. But it will be more for some people due to this it irritates him as well as others around him. To get a good impression on a person not only dress code but also smell is also takes a part. Someone will face this problem more as they bath daily twice.  Someone will get sweat only in summer but someone will face this problem 365 days.


  • By wearing tight clothes due to this bacteria is formed which is the reason for bad odor.
  • Due to high cholesterol in your body which reacts with bacteria in air and cause bad body odor.
  • For not maintaining good diet is also one of the reason for bad body odor.
  • Due to deficiency of magnesium and zinc.
  • Due to diseases such as diabeties, liver problems, indigestion.

Foods to be taken to avoid bad odor:

Person who is suffering with bad odor should have these foods in his daily diet they are almonds, soya beans, wheat grains, oat mill these are rich in magnesium. Eggs, mutton, chicken, wheat grains, soya beans, sesame seeds are rich in zinc. Adding any of these items to your daily diet is good to avoid from bad odor.

Foods not to be taken:

To avoid bad odor from body it is best to avoid onion, garlic, fish, and fenugreek leaves curry from your diet.

Some tips to be taken to avoid bad odor from your body:

  • To avoid bad body odour he had to bath daily twice.
  • It is better to use anti bacterial soaps.
  • After bathing it is better not to clean with towel because when cleaned with towel bacteria is formed which is the main reason for body odor.
  • Better to use good body sprays and deodorants.
  • If you had lot of sweat it is better to change clothes immediately.
  • Use baking soda in sweat areas as this one kills the bacteria which causes bad odor.
  • Use two drops of tea tree oil in water and use it as body spray.
  • Wheat grass juice is the best anti remedy for this bad body odor.
  • Use some drops of rose water while bating as it gives good smell.
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