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Uttarakhand is much popular for a Hindu locale holy journey called Char Dham Yatra. Pahadi culture and food makes it different from others. You can experience mesmerizing climate at the top-notch places that are touching the feet of the great Himalaya through our mesmerizing Uttarakhand Tour Package. Far away from noisy cities and dust free environment during Uttarakhand Tour Packages gives you a relax and peace of mind. Surrounded by Himachal Pradesh, China, Nepal, and Bhutan, the great Himalaya and Lord Kedarnath protecting it and blessed it as Devbhumi.

Kumaon, Uttarakhand



Born on November 09, 2000 after separation from Uttar Pradesh. The name Uttarakhand is a combination of two words. Uttara stands for North and Khand stands for Land so altogether it becomes Uttarakhand meaning "Northern Land". The state is a combination of two regions formerly known as Kumaon, and Garhwal. Kumaon which was previously known as Manaskhand, and Garhwal which was previously known as Kedarkhanda. Both regions having different culture, language, cuisines, and the lifestyle of living. 

Uttaranchal was the first name of Northern Indian slope state, Uttarakhand. At the point when Uttarakhand was cut out as a different state from Uttar Pradesh in 2000, the then BJP drove Government gave the name "Uttaranchal" which for quite a while kept on being the official name of the state. Local people who waged holy war for the detachment of the state since numerous years were discontent with the name "Uttaranchal" as their development was classified "Uttarakhand" development and considered this to be a political move. It was Uttaranchal in 2006–07 when the Congress Government passed the bill and pronounced "Uttarakhand" as the official name. 
Uttarakhand Tour Packages can give you a mesmerizing experience which you never had before. The state is a bumpy hilly state located on the hills surrounded by the great Himalayas.

Every traveler who explores it through our 
Uttarakhand Tour Packages appreciates it's beauty, valleys, hills, nature, culture, people, flora, fauna, and scenic panoramic views of snow-capped Himalayan peaks. It is always beautiful at the time of sunrise, and sunset, it looks more beautiful between the Himalayan peaks when you are on the top places of Uttarakhand during your Uttarakhand Tour Packages. We are having more than 100 pre-designed Uttarakhand Hill Station Tour Packages which will take you to the holy land of Gods "Uttarakhand" where you will feel relax and peace. Biodiversity of Uttarakhand makes it a must visited place of India.

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Tourism is the main source of Income for Uttarakhand, its breathtaking views will encourage you to explore it once through our pre-designed or customized Uttarakhand Tour Packages to visit its every corner which is unexplored or much popular throughout the year. Uttarakhand Tourism is going larger and larger every year because of the growing number of tourists every year. Sacred Hindu locale journey called Char Dham Yatra makes it point of attention for the pilgrims. Every year millions of pilgrims visit this holy land through Uttarakhand Tour Packages to complete their holy journey Char Dham Yatra. Asia's largest tiger reservoir Jim Corbett National Park which is much famous for the enormous number of Tigers in this territory. Whereas Rajaji National Park is attracting visitors for Asian Elephants and Leopards. The number of travelers increasing every year towards these national parks for its outstanding beauty and a mixed variety of flora and fauna.



Uttarakhand can be visited throughout the year through our pre-designed mesmerizing Uttarakhand Tour Packages which takes you in the lap of nature. 


Summers in Uttarakhand are much crowded every season because of it's pleasant and chilly weather. One can expect the temperature ranges between 15 to 30-degree Celsius whereas mega cities falling between 30 to 45-degree Celsius, so people like to take a break from the heat. Another reason that makes summers crowded is the summer holidays.


People always look for the coolest places in summers so we would recommend below places.
1- Nainital: Famous for lakes.
2- Almora: Famous for a sweet named "Bal Mithai" and landscapes.
3- Kausani: Famous for panoramic Himalayan views.
4- Chaukori: Famous for its calmness.
5- Munsiyari: Famous for chilled weather.
6- Auli: Famous for snowfall, and ice sports.
7- Joshimath: Famous for chilled weather and temples.
8- Chopta: Famous for snowfall, and breathtaking views.
9- Dhanaulti: Famous as a peaceful place near Mussoorie.
11- Haridwar: Famous as gateway to holy Char Dham Yatra.
12- Rishikesh: Famous as Yoga capital and water sports hub.
13- Jim Corbett: Famous for a large number of Tigers, flora, & fauna.
14- Char Dham Yatra: Sacred journey to Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, & Badrinath.


According to the weather forecasts, monsoon starts from 15th June in Uttarakhand. It makes Uttarakhand lush green and refreshing the natural beauty of the whole Uttarakhand. Sometimes heavy rainfall creates snowfall at the top places like Kedarnath, Badrinath, Chamoli, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Chopta, Munsiyari, Almora, Gwaldam, Chaukori, Pithoragarh, Champawat and Dhanaulti. Our Uttarakhand Tour Packages to the Valley Of Flowers is the main attraction for July and August. The thing is that this is the only time when the Valley Of Flowers becomes a paradise.
Please Note: Heavy rainfall can cause the landslides anywhere on the hills, roads may block because of this and you may have to face some trouble and inconvenience. 


Heavy rainfall occurs during monsson in Uttarakhand. You can explore the below places which are not much risky but having stunning beauty.
1- Valley Of Flowers: An UNESCO heritage site with beautiful landscapes.
2- Haridwar: Famous as gateway to holy Char Dham Yatra.
3- Dehradun: Capital city of Uttarakhand.
4- Mussoorie: Famous as a Queen of hills.
5- Dhanaulti: A peaceful place for honeymooners.
6- Nainital: A combination of nine lakes.


Uttarakhand becomes heaven in winters for Honeymooners. Winters are the best time to experience snowfall in Uttarakhand during our best Uttarakhand Tour Packages to the coldest places of Uttarakhand. The highest chances of occurrence of snowfall are between 15 December to 15 January. Most of the hill stations covered by snow between this chilly period. Honeymooners can enjoy their honeymoon in this period which gives them a true feeling of love.


Travelers looking for snowfall during their winter tours to Uttarakhand. You can select below places where the chances of occurrence of snowfall being high during your Uttarakhand Tour Packages. 
1- Auli: Known for chilly climate, snowfall, and ice sports.
2- Dhanaulti: Occurs snowfall in the last week of December.
3- Chopta: Having panoramic views of Himalayas from Tungnath.
4- Mussoorie: You may find snowfall during first week of January.
5- Nainital: City of lakes becomes white after snowfall.
6- Pithoragarh: The place is famous for stunning valley views.
7- Gwaldam: This mini hill station becomes gorgeous during snowfall.

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