Proliferation Of Tablets In India - Read This Carefully If You Want To Buy One


A new era of tablets has begun in India after the announcement of Akash tablets by the Indian government. Many new brands are coming into the industry everyday and just like the growth in the cell phone industry tablets are also seeing great enhancements. Most of these tablets are imported from China and Hong Kong and sold under the labels of Indian companies. But still, many of us do not know what these tablets are and how they are useful. We think they are miniature computers and we can do all that we do with computers. Even I thought like that before I purchased one but only after going deep into that I came to know of some facts about these tablets.


The tablets could be said as a cross breed of cell phone and computer. Almost all the tablets that are available in the Indian market have 7” screen and have android operating system. This android operating system is completely different from windows operating system we are used to so far. Android is an open source program developed by Google and is based on Linux. We cannot install all that we want just as we do in windows. There are certain android files that we can download from the inbuilt android market that come with the tablets. These files have the file format of .apk and are called apps and only these files could be installed. Android does not support .exe files. However the famous applications like Winamp have their android versions also specially designed for these tablets. Most of the apps are free while some of them are paid.


Usually Indian tablets have Android 2.2 operating system called froyo or Android 2.3 operating system called gingerbread. The higher version Android 3.1 is called honeycomb and the recent introduction Android 4 is called ice cream sandwich. The famous Akash 2 tablets have android 2.3. Android 2.2.2 is considered to be a stable version but it does not support video calls. Recently the app called Tango supports video calls in this version. The biggest question among us all is whether we can use these tablets as cell phones. The answer is yes and no. If the tablet comes with inbuilt SIM slot we can make phone calls and vice versa. Even if you can make phone calls, you have only the loudspeaker and so if you want to have personal talk, you need a Bluetooth headset or wired headphone and mike for that. But if you should use a Bluetooth headset, the tablet should support Bluetooth. The sad truth is most of the tablets including Akash do not have inbuilt Bluetooth support.


The tablets are like touch screen phones and you do not need mouse or keyboard for its operation. However there are two types of touch screens, resistive touch and capacitive touch. The resistive touch is what we had on old model touch phones operated with the help of stick. This will be a hard touch. But capacitive touch is a smooth touch without hurting the fingers what we see in higher end phones. There is mini keyboard pouch available as accessory for the tablets to help with phones with resistive touch. But before buying this mini keyboard make sure that your tablet has an USB port and the USB host mode is enabled. Otherwise you cannot use this nor can you insert pen drives. USB host mode is enabled by default in android honeycomb and higher versions.


You can connect your tablet to your laptop using UBC connector that come with the package and enable USB debugging to transfer files from and to your tablet. Most of the Indian tablets weigh 350 to 400 grams. It is not worth buying if it is more than that. What can you do with a tablet? If it comes with a SIM slot that support either 2G or 3G mode, you can do all that you would do with a higher end cell phone. Internet browsing could be done through the mobile network, GPRS or 3G or through Wi-Fi. Some of them support GPS navigation. Android 2.2 and above versions supports flash. You can watch videos, browse net, hear songs, take photos and videos, and take your documents with you wherever you go. You can stay in touch with your family and friends through sync feature GPS sharing facility. Gtalk, Gmail and thousands of other apps and games could be installed. But Android does not support regional languages though there are some roundabout ways of accessing them.


Some of the Indian tablets having most of the above said desirable features are Zync Z-999 costing 10,990 INR, BSNL T-Pad WS704C costing 10,999 INR, Beetel Magiq Glide and Ubislate 7+. Another lower end verion of BSNL costs just 3,500 INR. Ubislate 7+ is the same as the Akash 2 and is priced at 2,999 and the bookings are going on. New arrivals are hitting the market every day. Getting ready to purchase one?!

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