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Have you ever wondered what tools or components needed to be in your computer for you to be able to play games on your computer? Obviously, a computer needs to have a monitor and CPU for it to operate, but it does not mean that it is already capable of gaming purposes. There are certain components that needed to be installed on your computer before you can play games. Let us go through the essential tools that needed for you to be able to play games on your computer.


What exactly is a RAM? RAM stands for Random Access Memory, and it is the most popular form of computer memory. The speed of your computer mainly depends on its RAM, which means that the larger your Random Access Memory is, the faster your computer. Video games today often requires and take up large amounts of memory. Often times, these video games, require at least 4 GB RAM on your computer. Otherwise, the game would not be able to run properly on your computer, which can be a cause of problems and complications on your programs or the computer itself.


From the name itself, a video card, sometimes called graphics card, is the key into getting your computer to be capable of gaming. The graphics card is what aids in processing images, including 3D images, which new games commonly have. When buying a graphics card, you have to consider the type of monitor that you have. There are graphics cards available for different type of monitors such as Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) screens and Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) monitors.


A processor aids the computer in its functions. Just like in humans, the brain helps in making the body think and function. The same thing applies to computers; the processor is what makes the computer think and function. There are different types of processors, but nowadays, hi-speed processors manufactured, which are preferable in playing games, to avoid slow playback and video lagging.


It is essential to know the things that needed for computers to process games, before actually playing them. The three main things that needed are RAM, video or graphics card, and processor. It is necessary to consider these three when buying a computer, if you intend to use the computer for playing games.

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