Priyamani Has Become A Bit Selective


Years before, everyone felt surprised when they see glamour doll ‘Priyamani’ in a traditional village girl look. Most astonishing fact was that, when she was paired with the younger brother of Suriya, it became history on screen! She won National award for best film actress for the movie, Paruthiveeran in 2007. After that where has she gone? She didn’t appear frequently onscreen after that. Many people even forgot that she has lost her way somewhere or settled down. No! She came back with a bang with the item song, aside King Khan of Bollywood in record breaking movie – Chennai Express. When Chennai Express travelled like a superfast express through all the big stations of Bollywood, it wrote another history. Along with that, Priyamani’s item number was also noted. Yes, she too joined the group of south Indian actors in this North Indian movie, with her item song, “One two three four”.


Talented Vidya Balan’s second cousin from Kerala; though she has become a bit selective nowadays, she was so thrilled when this item song was offered to her. She got full marks too. A song to commence a celebration mood, that’s what ‘One two three four’ is all about. But where has she gone after Paruthiveeran. In many interviews she has already told that, though she was offered similar kind of ‘village girl’ roles in numerous films later, she didn’t want to typecast at all. That’s the reason why she didn’t hesitate to choose glamorous roles or item dances. As an actress, she chose to experiment with all types of roles she can. That’s the reason why she opted out of many village/traditional girl roles. Yet, expectations from a National award winning actress are many.


As an actress, she feels comfort with the costumes that best suit the actress. Also she prefers to be a talented actress alongside a glamour one. Prasad Bittappa was the person who first identified that this face is not for a ramp model, but for a silver screen actress. She debut in 2003 with the Telugu film Evare Atagaadu and later became a part of many commercial and critically well acclaimed movies like ‘Thirakkada’. Can we wait more surprises from this girl belonging to Palakkad? Let us wait and see. 

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Thirakkada is definietly one of her best performances

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