Physical Exercise Must For Sharp Memory

Exercise and misconceptions

Most people associate exercising with physical fitness. That is not fully true and one of the main reasons, parents not guiding their children about its importance for mental development also. If you think exercising a way to keep physically fit only, you need to think again and know its other aspects, which are as important. In addition, there is nothing to feel surprised to now that children should concentrate as much on exercising as adults although the methods and workout for children may differ from those of adults.

Exercise and its importance

Exercising should begin as mandatory routine from childhood with a proper plan to keep children away from diseases and to keep their memory sharp. Physically active children always do well in every department than children who do not participate in outdoor activities or exercise on regular basis. Children who participate in outdoor games like running, cricket, football, volleyball, badminton, swimming, tree climbing, jogging not only remain fit, lesser chances of facing obesity and of course a sharp mind in a healthy body. As per proven facts children with regular physical activities found 30% extra intelligent blessed with all round performance.

Exercising for girl child is crucial

There is another surprising factor waiting for you that female child have more benefit of physical activities than their male counterparts do because they have a complex hormonal system, which activates and remains in better condition due to their activities. Physical activities not only help control their hormonal problems but immune system and memory as much as excess fat that keeps them slim and trim therefore such girls find them at an advantageous position compared to other girls. Another factor associated with exercising in girls is that they remain at lesser risks of different type of cancers associated with female in adult age.

Immune system

Children who exercise from childhood in a proper way or pay outdoor games are blessed wit better immune system, face lesser chances of insomnia, a good blood circulation that helps brain work better as the chemicals in brain activated properly and sharpening memory. So, what are you waiting for- Just go ahead and let your child play outdoor games so that he could pay brain games better.  

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Suny encourage children to play outdoor games.

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