Physical Activity - The Capsule To Good Health

It is a common occurrence to see many, whether it is a housewife, a busy software or IT professional or even a student to complain of lack of time to do physical activity. This has been the benefit of industrialization and lifestyle that most of us adopt when we just are able to do everything just with the click of a button or moving our arms on a touch screen. 

In addition most of us are so occupied with other activities that exercise or physical activity seems to occupy the last priority in out lives. However I think we should all question ourselves to know whether we are really short of time or are our priorities not set right. Good physical, mental and emotional health should be considered as wealth, for do you not think all the wealth on earth is useless without it. 

It is true that various lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, depression, stress and boredom in life are the gifts (do you think) of the modern age of industrialization and commercialism. It is also true that we all need to give ourselves the gift of good overall health and this is possible only by exercise and physical activity. We need just about 30minutes/1440minutes of our time daily for good health that could be in the form of anything physical.

One prominent way that I have found has helped many of our busy professionals that travel in air-conditioned automatic cars is taking to foot while going to close-by places like neighborhood stores and supermarkets. It is also true that cycling to nearby places also helps in getting exercise. It is also true that these activities help get fresh air and also contribute to the cause of global health by avoiding the ill effects of pollution in addition to contributing to saving on fuel. This fuel can in addition be used to get better nutrients for health and physical fitness. What are your views dear friends?

It is right that physical activity helps in building healthy appetite for food and also helps curb foods that are mainly taken only for emotional support. I would also say that physical activity plays the role of a vicious circle of pumping in feel good hormones, that lead to positive feelings, that in turn promote more physical activity and positive action and the circle of good health and positive mental and emotional health continues its circle.

Next it is quite enlightening to note that though we play a positive role in society by providing productive employment and exercise to our household help, I think we would do best to give them a weekly off and take over their responsibilities to physically broom and mop the floors. I have done it and have always felt I look much trimmer and feel younger with all the activity. In addition these physical activities have always helped to decrease my thoughts and anxiety, depression and have made me feel hungry for a real healthy diet.

This makes me feel encouraged to form a quotation of my own; “ Exercise everyday helps drive doctors and counselors away.” But believe me my intention is not to demean their role, but to add value to their role as the best advisors to the health of those that go to them. Their role would only be emphasized when we find people feeling good, confident, physically healthy and radiant in mind, body and emotions.

Have you taken your physical activity capsule today?

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