Parkinson Disease


Parkinson disease, it is not an unknown name. Nowadays, most of the people are infected by the disease ‘Parkinson’. This disease happens usually after 60 years, but sometimes it happens below forty years as well. James Parkinson first discovered this disease in the year 1817. Later Jim Martin Charcot named the disease as ‘Parkinson’.


 It is a brain disease. So it is also referred as De-Generative Disease of the brain. Experts have classified this disease into three parts.

1) Mild,

2) Moderate, and

3) Severe.

What happens in ‘Parkinson’ disease?


Mild & Moderate:

Most of us know that in Parkinson Disease both legs and hands vibrate, but it happens in the second stage. During First stage speed of movement is very slow. It is difficult to bend down forward as mussels of the body became very hard and as a result movement of joints became sluggish. Day by day one side of the body became paralyzed. The Paralyzed patient walks very slowly. It is also called Cogwheel rigidity. Pain starts from the shoulder and slowly it spreads over the whole body. It becomes difficult to sit down after standing or vice versa.


It is the extreme condition of the disease. The patient suffers from postural instability. Due to stiffness of mussels and weakness of bone, the patient cannot do physical work or movement. At this point of time the patient needs help from someone. His memory becomes very week. Trouble occurs while breathing and constipation and this make the patient very weak. His voice becomes very soft and hand writing speed becomes slow and the size of his writing decreases. It is called “micrography”. Lastly the patient cannot control his urine.


1) Working with carbon monoxide.

2) Inhaling chemical disposure day after day.

3) Mostly infected by the related working in manganese, copper, iron etc. mines.

4) May be it happened due to repeated attack or injury of head.

5) Parkinson may be growing if someone is attacked by encephalitis.

6) Sometimes it may be happened from water stored in well.

7) Some nerve disease later becomes Parkinson Disease.

8) Family disease (due to jinn).


1) Required surgery in head. (Latest technology is ‘Livodopa’.)

2) Required medicines.

3) Required deep brain stimulation.

4) Required physiotherapy.


1) Don’t use water of old well.

2) Any food taken from diet chart must be light.

3) Use mask when working in the mines to avoid inhaling chemical disposure.

4) Nicotine and caffeine is permissible but limited. Overdose is harmful.

5) Alcohol can sometimes be taken to decrease essential trimmer.


It is advised to consult with the doctor to keep the patient alive for a longtime.

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I always try my best to co operate with others. It is awareness to all. I believe that we must take care to this patient with full of love and spend some valuable times.

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