Paranoid Syndrome Is Fearful Problem


No horror shows for your child

Do not try to horrify your child that might develop paranoid syndrome in your child, which is a dangerous and lead to mental disorders in later stages. If you watch horror shows while your child is also with you, he might feel uncomfortable with certain sounds or strange images. According to psychiatrists who are handling such cases, have reasons to believe that children can suffer from auditory illusion and hear strange sounds or feel presence of falls images. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid telling them horror stories or keep them away from such TV shows.

People who suffer from schizophrenia mostly get it from horror stories or ghost shows, which are available in different forms on TV and movies. These shows look so real that some people with pre existence of symptoms of Paranoid syndrome fall easy prey to this disease.  

The Paranoid syndrome

Paranoid syndrome is part of schizophrenia, which makes a person above the feelings of truth and lies or always feels like as if he is being ill-treated. They suspect everyone of planning something against them or talking about them. Such people create an atmosphere around them as if every thing is going against them but they feel differently at times, never sure about themselves. They rather live in a falls atmosphere created by hemselves far from ground realities. 

The reasons for Paranoid syndrome

There are certain genetic reasons for Paranoid syndrome, if any one in family ever suffered from this strange disease, the chances are that his family members may suffer from this problem. Beside genetic, atmospheric related causes may also make any one suffer from Paranoid syndromes. Another crucial factor about patients of schizophrenia is that they do not have neurotransmitters, the chemical controls, which transmit messages to brain to guide nerve cells properly.

Treatment of schizophrenia

There is no certain treatment of Paranoid syndrome but doctors can control patients suffering from this disorder to the extent that if the patients show suicidal signs or in worst cases, they fear from every one, put on antipsychotic medication by admitting them in hospital with especially designed programs. There are no fixed treatments for every patient but different medicines for different symptoms on different patients according to their case history and situations.

Patients of schizophrenia also need social rehabilitation therapy that can help recover them faster. Some other patients might need cognitive therapy, which combines anti-psychotic therapy and medicines with special care by family and friends. The medicines should be taken regularly even after the patient recovers from the problem. 

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Suny says there is no certain treatment of Paranoid syndrome but love and care. 

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