P. Srinivas Mohan - Visual Effects Supervisor

We all know very well about the movies of south industry Shivaji, Robo, Magic Magic, and now very famous movie Bahubali, and we also know the role of graphics in such movies, but do we really know who is behind the success of these famous movies? Its Mr.P Srinivas Mohan who works as a supervisor of Visual effects.

Childhood of Mr P.Srinivas Mohan

He lost his father when he was 3 years old, her mother used to do small small works to take care of him and his sister. Srinivas Mohan’s mother had a heart disease but never let the children know about that. Her heart used to grow day by day, by which she would feel tried very soon. She tried to suicide two times because of this pressure and tension. Later when P.Srinivas Mohan was in 10thstandard his mother died with this heart disease. His elder sister was also married and all of a sudden he was left alone and could not join for college because of no financial support.

He worked as an electrician for one year. Later he joined in audio cassette shop and felt very much interested in computers. He started learning hardware in computers. After collecting some money by convincing the teacher he joined a computer course paying fewer fees. His first Guru was Mr Sudarshan who had a computer institute. Mr Sudarshan seeing his interest in learning told him to learn other courses with fewer fees.  Day to day he started learning different type of courses and started his visual effects career.

When he was doing a movie in tamil he got a call from Director Rajamouli asking him to work for movie Bahubali. Working for Robo was totally different with Bahubali, because Bahubali is based on the History and it should be done very minutely. So He was a bit tensed to work for this movie but aging seeing the confidence of Rajamouli on him he got encouraged.

Awards: Best Visual Effects -   For movies “Magic Magic”, “Shivaji” and “Robo”.

Family Life : He got married to Miss Philomina who was working as a animator in Indian Artist Institute. They have one son who is named as Praneeth.


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P. Srinivas Mohan – Visual Effects Supervisor


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