Network Security - Part 3

Network attack is a serious threat to network that may cause damage to your system and steal your personal information. Usually hackers attack the network and may disrupt the organisation work and effectiveness by modifying the content of target website. They attack on network to spread the rumours using others website and personal information. Some of these network attacks are as follows:

Password Cracking

Mostly computer user defends their system using password. In this way only authorised users can access the system information. The authentication kernel of computer system encrypts this password and permit access to system when authentication module finds identical strings matching with password and user name. A hacker uses his computer knowledge to gain access to this file and run the password cracking software or program to decrypt it so that can retrieve the original password.

These passwords cracking program easily available on internet and consist of long list of character string like dictionary word and check it with the encrypted password.


Viruses attack is most common network attack which we can see almost everywhere. It is a destructive program that infects the files. These viruses infect the system files and hide them by attaching with other files. It is extremely difficult to trace these viruses. Viruses are of different category and affect different parts of system. Some of these parts of operating system include system sectors, batch files, disk clusters, executable files and companion files. On the basis of their effect they are classified as stealth, tunnelling, cavity, armoured, polymorphic and multipartite viruses.


These are the malicious executable files sends by the attacker as e-mail attachment. This type of network attack decrypt password as well as reduce the speed of internet connectivity.


Worms are self-replicating program which uses the security gap of a system for replicating itself. These programs uses the memory resources of computer systems connected on network for infecting other computers. These worms are creates by some software engineer of organisation and spread them over network for damaging competitive organisation system and corrupt all the data saved in their system.

Continue to read Network Security - 4 for further information on network attacks threats.

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