Meghalaya Where Women Rule The World

Where female rule the society

Although I hear lot of male dominance in most Indian communities despite women are improving fast and becoming self-dependent and coming up fast. But, there is an area in northeastern state in India where opposite is the truth and females are ruling the society. It is strange but true that Khasi tribe in Meghalaya, a north eastern state of India gives its female members more importance than males and to top it all, female are responsible for running the families. There are almost one million people in this particular tribe and female outnumber males in every department. Birth of a girl child in this area is considered a boon while a boy is not welcome with as much pleasure.

Girl is center of attraction

In Meghalaya, which is considered mother dominated state especially for Khasi tribe, girl is main center of attraction and if you happen to be at a maternity home, you would see people celebrating birth of a girl child and in case it is a boy, they feel sad. According to their traditions, in case of multiple girls in a family this is the youngest one who inherits the family assets. The boys move to the house of their bride after marriage and their children get surnames of their mothers.  

In case there is no girl in a family, they must adopt a baby girl as property cannot be transferred to a male offshoot, a boy cannot be a legal heir of a family according to ages old traditions of the tribe. The boys are only good for reproduction purpose and have no legal rights or other responsibilities, which lead them to boozing and gambling. There is another big problem for Khasi males that they cannot marry out of their tribe like their female counterpart can do and that gives females upper hand in certain matters.

The males have no work apart from politics, as most of the members of Meghalaya assembly are males. You would be surprised to note that males of Khasi tribe have nothing in their names including land, house or even family businesses. The area perhaps is only area in our country where the male is fighting for his rights and female is countering his efforts effectively.    

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