Tourism In Picturesque State Of Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu is the southern most state of India. Its tourism industry concentrates on water falls, hill stations and wildlife sanctuaries. Tourism in Tamil Nadu is encouraged by Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation. Tamil Nadu attracts highest number of tourists and visitors in India.


Chennai is located on the coast of Bay of Bengal. Chennai is famous for Carnatic music, Bharat Natyam, beaches and vegetarian cuisine, along with world’s largest diamond and gold shop. Chennai has largest hospitals in Asia which has currently incited a new sign of medical tourism in Tamil Nadu. Medical surgeries are provided at far lesser cost as compared to Europe and USA.

Hill Stations

Tamil Nadu has several hill stations. Known ones are Kodaikanal, Ooty, Coonoor, Kolli hills, Valparai, etc. The Palani hills, Nilgiri hills, and Shevaroy hills are all domiciles of wildlife and thick forests.


Ooty is the most famous hill station in Tamil Nadu. The Nilgiri Mountain Hills which unites Udagamandalam and Mettupalayam is a heritage site of UNESCO.

Kolli Hills

Kolli hill is the small range of mountain situated in central Tamil Nadu. The Kolli hills belong to Eastern Ghats. The mountains are comparatively not touched by commercial tourism and still shower their natural beauty.

Yelagiri hills

Yelagiri includes 14 small villages. The tribal people of those villages are engaged in horticulture, forestry and agriculture. Their habits and customs are distinctive and attract tourists.


The mangrove forest located in Pichavaram is the world’s second largest mangrove forest. Tamil Nadu has several biosphere reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, national parks, reserved forests, etc.

Back waters

Pulicat Lake is the second largest lagoon or Water Lake in India. It separates the border of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. The lake includes Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary.


Tamil Nadu is famous for sunny skies and blue beaches. The Marina Beach is known as the Pride of Chennai. Marina beach is the second largest beach in the world. Elliot’s beach is preferred by those people who like clean atmosphere. Mahabalipuram beach is famous for its distinctive shore temple of 7th century.


Tamil Nadu tourism is booming due to its multiple festivals. Tamil Nadu has several festivals. Pongal is the first festival of the year and is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm. Pongal on celebrated on January 14th every year. Another famous festival of Tamil Nadu is Bhogi. It is celebrated as a way to get rid of evil. All the houses are cleaned and well painted on this day.

Mattu pongol is celebrated on the next day of pongal. It is regarded as the day of bulls or rather of the farm animals. It is difficult for the farmers to endure without bulls. Farm animals, especially cows and bulls are shown devoted on the day of Mattu pongal. Bull fights also take place on this day.

Natyanjali is the dance festival that brings together all well-known dancers of India. They devote their dance and talent to Lord Nataraja. It’s like dream come true for many as they perform in the ambience of the study sanctorum in temple of Lord Nataraja. The festival begins on the favorable occasion of Maha Shivratri. It is a grand festival of dance celebrated during Maha Shivratri.

Celebration of kartikai deepam denotes the end of the ten day celebration of Brahmotsavam. Every year, four brahmotsavams are observed, out of which karthigai is the most popular one.

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