Malayalis Welcome Maveli With Spring And Blossoms


How will it look like if whole earth rejoices with the arrival of Chingam – the first month of Malayalam calander? Yes, it’s the best time to celebrate spring as well as festival seasons. Monsoon has just parted filling all the water bodies and minds with water and chillness and boat races have already begun in back waters. Also, it’s greenery everywhere and blossoms of new season. Yes, it’s the best season to welcome the beloved king Mahabali and celebrate the harvest festival.


According to popular belief, Emperor Maveli (Mahabali) visits his subjects once in every year when spring and greenery blossoms around and the land are filled with prosperity and bliss. He visits each Malayali’s home on Thiruvonam day of Chingam month. For that people begin preparations 10 days before, beginning with Atham star of that month. Kids will be more enthusiastic as they bring flowers of different types and colours to prepare pookkalam in their courtyards for 10 days, beginning with Atham. Also, it is Onam vacation at Kerala schools for 10 days. When why won’t they celebrate? Those who are abroad, staying away from family and parents also find a reason for a get together. They get engaged in different Onam games like boat races, swings, pookkalam, vadam vali etc when the atmosphere is fully in a pleasant mood.


The story of Maveli may be a truth or just a folk tale. No one is going behind it to find if there existed Maveli, the emperor a few centuries back in Kerala. Just everyone finds it the best occasion to celebrate and have get togethers. Yes, it’s the message of integrity, culture, tradition and values that bind people together. Also it makes people remember an old age when existed joint families, group plays, preparation of dishes together and basic principles of sharing. ‘Kaanam vittum Onam Unnanam’ says an old proverb. It literally means that you may be rich or poor, but celebrate Onam in a grand way. Even if you need to sell ‘Kaanam’, a cheap grain, sell it, but you should have Onam meals. i.e. No one should sleep empty stomach on Onam.


It was a time in Kerala, where people battled with poverty. For those persons, Onam is a particular day in 365 days when their stomachs are fully filled. When stomachs are fully filled and no one needs to sleep hungry, why Thiruvonam can’t be called as the best day of the year. So Onam indirectly implies to forget all our bad times and distress and enjoy at least one day with full heart and full filled minds. That’s what our Maveli dreamt about his subjects too!    

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