Maharashtra - The Land Of Magical Beauty

Maharashtra is one of the largest states in the Indian Union. Maharashtra is situated in Western India. It is one of the most developed states in India and caters to needs of tourists. The state is home to the great city of Mumbai and the Sahyadris. Maharashtra is a paradise for travelers, both domestic and international.

Maharashtra tourism encourages tourists to visit the state. The people of Maharashtra are friendly towards tourists. A significant share of the state’s income is generated from tourism in Maharashtra. Maharashtra is a very diverse state. Donned with Sahyadris, the lush green grass and mountains form a specialty of Western Maharashtra. Located on the Deccan plateau, touted as the oldest plateau in the world, Maharashtra is a very picturesque place. Some of the best places to see in Maharashtra are the Sahyadris, Konkan, Vidharba, besides the various natural sanctuaries in the state.

Wildlife Tourism

There are many forests in the state of Maharashtra. For a nature lover, this state offers a lot. Besides natural beauty, the state offers tourist oriented facilities, which aid wildlife enthusiasts and photographers. Some of the famous jungles in Maharashtra are Bhimashankar, Vasota, Tadoba etc. Many animals like gaurs, tigers and leopards can be found in this state. Many types of birds can also be found in Maharashtra. Some of the rarest snakes and alligators are found in the state. The state is simply, a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts and photographers.

Tourist attractions

There are many tourist attractions in the state of Maharashtra and you are bound to fall in love with them. The large availability of tourist attractions has boosted the revenues of Maharashtra tourism department. Some of them are given below-

1) Mumbai- Mumbai, formerly known as Bombay, is the capital of Maharashtra. Mumbai may just be the most famous city of India among Indians and foreigners. Mumbai is a typical cosmopolitan city with a population of more than 12 million. It is a mega city. For a tourist, the city offers many choices. Some of the tourist attractions of Mumbai are Elephanta caves (near Mumbai), Nehru Planetarium, Victoria gardens etc. Mumbai may be a wonder for even a slicker. The size and the population of the city will simply blow away the mind of an average tourist. Various languages such as Marathi, Gujrati, Hindi, Sindhi, Punjabi etc can be heard in this city.

2) Ajanta and Ellora Caves- Ajanta and Ellora Caves in Aurangabad are a must see destination for every tourist who visits Maharashtra. These picturesque caves will blow your mind away

3) Shirdi- This is a very famous religious town located near Pune

Weather in Maharashtra

Weather in Maharashtra can be best described as hot and humid. Nevertheless, you should know that due to the largest geographical extent of the state the weather differs across the state. The weather becomes more humid as you travel from East to West. Some areas like the city of Pune lies in the rain-shadow region while the city of Mumbai located only 120 kilometers away experiences very heavy rainfall.

Best Time to Visit Maharashtra

The best time to visit the state is from September- February. The weather is extremely pleasant and salubrious. You will end up having a good time. Tourism in Maharashtra is all set to boom in years ahead. 

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