Looking For A Hair Transplant In India, How Should You Begin?

Hair transplantation in India has become quite common for the past five years. Almost all the major cities have got reputed clinics which are doing transplantation. Hair transplant in Pune is the most popular and well-known platform among the general mass.


Hair transplantation technique at first was mainly done by men but now even women are also doing transplantation.

Before proceeding any further it will be better to discuss a little about this hair transplantation process. 

Hair transplantation is a surgery where the hair follicles are removed from one part of the body that is the donor site to the bald part.  The process of transplantation takes very less time and also gives a quick result.  Many people in the recent times are undergoing hair transplantation.

Losing hair has become very prevalent in India. Both men and women are having hair fall issues. Though there are various creams and medicines but hair fall is unstoppable.  Eventually, the roots are getting thinner which leads to the death of the hair tissue. Hair fall is occurring at an alarming stage. 

Hair transplant is the only option for people suffering from extreme baldness.  The various clinics in India offer various hair transplantation processes.  Out of many surgeries, there are two important ones which are mainly followed. FUE and FUSS are the two important transplantation processes.

Let’s discuss the process of FUE for hair transplantation. This is one of the most modern techniques that get applied.  The method is much more sophisticated and even productive. In this method, the hair follicle is first removed. Then the graft is prepared and the surgeon will clean and numb out the area where the hair will go and create a hole. The method is highly scientific and delivers an effective result. There are no such incisions in this method and therefore no scar or marks get visible after the operation.


When a person is actually looking for hair transplant he or she should go for the FUE method. The reason behind adopting this are mentioned below.

  • This method causes no such scar in the body due to which one can wear the hair as short as they want.
  • No cuts occur while the method is applied due to which there is no such complication of stitches.
  • The recovery period of this method is very normal.  A person can go back to his or her normal life within a very short span of time. Regular diet and normal lifestyle can be regained quite early.
  • Due to fewer cuts and stitches, there is also very minimal chance of infection. No such side infection can take place in this method.

People are still under the impression that hair transplantation is a difficult task and has too many complications in its working. On the contrary, this has been the easiest transplantation surgery in comparison to the rest.


Well a transplant is not just done for the sake of doing it but it has got certain important benefits.

  • The transplant is done in a very natural way- The entire process of transplantation is executed in a very natural way. There is no such complication in this process.  Even there is no such use of any medicines or harmful chemicals which may damage the hair. Hair transplantation can be opted without any worry.
  • It completely eliminates balding- After doing a hair transplantation one can completely eliminate baldness. There will be no such sign of hair baldness. One can experience the presence of real hair after doing the transplantation.
  • No such huge maintenance cost- One does not need to incur a huge maintenance cost after doing this transplantation. It should be treated just as normal hair is done. No such medicine or shampoo needs to be used.  Transplanted hair last for lifetime and so there is no such worry about it.
  • Highly cost effective- The transplantation is highly cost effective.  No such huge cost is needed to undergo this surgery. One can do it within an affordable range.

If you are really looking for hair transplant in India then Pune is the best place to visit.  Mostly all the major cities in the country have got good surgeons to perform this kind of surgery.

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