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Incredible India welcomes you! What has made India incredible? Its unique culture and tradition or its wild life with rare species of flora and fauna or its historical past or its ancient temples and mosques or its art and sculptures or its delicious unique dishes??? Well, there is certainly more than a dozen reasons why we call it incredible India. It has in store everything that will satisfy every type of people. Whether you are a wildlife enthusiast or cultural lover or love fun filled adventures or fanatic or historical monuments, you will find all you expect that will satisfy your quenches.


There are lots of tourist places in India and if you want to see them all even a full year will not be enough for you. Simply exploring them will not satisfy you but you must experience them. You must experience the ayurvedic massage of Kerala while spending your times at the boat houses, experience the mystic magical moments of Himalayas as you trek along the icy ranges, drink the breath taking beauty of Taj Mahal while paying tribute to the historical lovers and experience the serenity of the Leh and Ladhak ranges. What is said is little but what is not said is as big as India. Strolling along the valleys and meadows of the Himalayas and Aravalli ranges and camping amidst the natural resources of Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats and rafting down the Ganges will show a heaven on earth. India is really incredible!


The jungle safaris in the national parks, tiger treats in West Bengal, fishing activities along the coastal plains, recording the glimpses of history and culture and exploring the deserts of Rajasthan and the rain forests of the east are some of the important things that you must not miss. Kanyakumari in the south will give you the panoramic view of Cape Comerin where you can get the rare view of three oceans, Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea mingle at one place.


The tours to the state of Rajasthan, the homeland of Rajputs, pink city of Jaipur, tour to Agra, Fathehpur Sikhri and Delhi to see the Mughal architecture, undertaking jungle safaris where you can meet face to face with the Asian elephants, rhinoceroses, tigers, lions and leopards and bears, performing rituals on the bank of River Ganges in Varanasi and heading off to the nearby Sarnath the pilgrimage center of Buddhists and admiring the erotic poses of Khajuraho where there are 85 temples will all make you say incredible India.


If you want to enjoy all these beauties and feel the unity in diversity of the nation along with its cultural heritage you need to plan well in advance. Nothing will give you more happiness than the neatly organized tour package that will serve as the backbone of all these enjoyments. Staying in Indian houses as paying guests is in vogue in many places and this will help you to mingle with people closely and learn their age old traditions. Plan well ahead of time and enjoy incredible India.

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