Increase Love With Passage Of Time

With the passage of age most of the people thinks that their age of romance is already passed away. But the fact is that neither they have time nor isolated space in today’s fast life. For making married life happy, it is necessary to keep away the bareness. The only thing which is required to keep your married life happy is to change your life style a little so that your partner can get happiness.


The couple who adjusted with each other, their sex life and romantic life becomes better with the passage of time. Giving and accepting love is not just a physical relationship, it is also related with our daily routine and emotions. Here are some tips that will help to increase the love between couple after the age of 40 to 45 years.


As we all know that bed play an important role in between couple, so prepare the bed accordingly to change the mood of husband. Invite your husband in the bedroom for candlelight dinner and for this prepare his favourite dishes in advance. Prepare yourself according to your husband choice and wear his choice of clothes. It is necessary to remember the good time of your life to make freshness in married life.


It is a good habit to know the partner mood before going on bed. Both should know about each other nature and wish. Kiss, hug, touch and looking in eyes are some of the foreplay techniques. In most of the cases husband separates from wife or sleep early after intercourse. This habit hearts the females and becomes the reason of distance between couple. That is why it is important to be with the wife even after intercourse.


And at last, a cup of tea together in the morning will increase the pleasure. After the age of 50 years you love require such a strong bond in which there is feeling of freshness. Give your wife gift frequently in the evening time. With the passage of age, sex life can become more stable, the only thing that is required all above mentioned tips should use by the couple.

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