How To Sell A House Quickly And TIPS To Sell Hill Station Houses

When it comes to selling your house, there are certain preparation measures that need to be taken. In today’s highly competitive real estate scenario, these preparations have become a necessity. There are two main reasons as to why one, to sell the property quickly, and two, to get a fair price for your property. By planning carefully, it is possible to prepare your house with minimum expenditure. Let us look into the different steps involved in the preparation.

Step1: Declutter the house

This basically means removing items from the house that are not for sale. This could beFurniture, Kitchen gadgets, Books and other Knick knacks.

Step 2: Clean the interiors & exteriors

Clean the house by vacuuming, mopping, polishing marbles and wood. Buyers appreciate a clean and welcoming home. Don’t forget to clean your exteriors including gutters and parking space. 

Step 3: Paint the house

It is advised to paint the house in neutral colours such as beige, ivory, taupe or shades of white. In case you have not, repaint or whitewash the house. If your house is already painted in neutrals, make a quick assessment if you need some touch up work and get it done.

Step 4: Make your entrance attractive

The first thing potential buyers would notice in the house is the entrance. Correct faded house numbers, paint or polish your door, lay a new welcome mat, keep attractive flower pots at the sides.This will greatly help in creating a good first impression.

Step 5: Check for repairs

Your home fittings such as bathroom taps, doors and cupboards may need repairing. Make sure you make a thorough assessment of things that need to be repaired. Keep them in good working condition when potential buyers come for visits.

Step 6: Work on landscaping

In case you have a lawn and garden, make sure to focus on them too. Mow the lawn and weed the garden.

The above-mentioned pointers may be common knowledge

So, what is your takeaway from this blog?

There are a few tips that need to be kept in mind while preparing the house for sale. They are as follows

Tip 1: Staging

Staging is a practice of furnishing or styling a house for sale, in such a way, that it appeals to potential buyers. This is important to give the buyers a feeling of completeness. There are companies that facilitate staging by renting out furniture at affordable prices. Even otherwise it is recommended to invest a minimum amount in furniture for this purpose. Staging will be a pre requisite to photo shoot.

The next step would beto engage a professional company for photography and videography of your property for displaying and advertising it online.

Tip2: Do market research, Don’t do Overpricing or Under pricing

Do an extensive market research to fix the price of your house. There are several online portals that can help you with price ranges in specific localities.

Overpricing the property will reduce the chance of sale. Remember that the buyer also can do the same market analysis through online sources or gather market price information through know sources in that area.

Many property owners believe that under pricing a property may help them to quickly sell it to meet out their urgent financial needs. But it will not work out in most of the cases because it will lead to suspicion to the buyer that it could have a hidden litigation, etc.

Fixing the fair price is the best way to quickly sell a house or building.  

Tip 3: Choose the right marketing strategy

Traditionally, real estate market has been driven by brokers who facilitate the sales process. However, in today’s situation, online property sites are the best alternative. They come with the obvious advantage of a large reach. They allow for property pictures and videos to be posted. This helps potential buyers be informed of what to expect when they come down for a visit. Property sites are seen by thousands of visitors every day. This means there will bescope for more enquiries and thus, greater chances of selling the property at a fair price.

Tip 4: Choose the right online platform or property portal to advertise for sale

The number of online platforms and property portals to advertise a house or building for sale is increasing day by day. Each one of them is working in different concept and strong in specific regions or field of real estate. How to choose the best fit is a real challenge. Do careful analysis and advertise on the right platform for your case, for example, if it is a hill station house or building, then Hills & Wills can be the best fit to it.

How to estimate, fix fair price of a hill station building and sell it quickly?

There is a small catch when you want to sell house in Ooty, Kodaikanal and other hill stations. Estimating the price of a house which is situated in plains is simple. But when it comes to hill stations, each house is different and unique in terms of views, terrains, outside set up including the kinds of trees, lawn, garden, construction materials (brick house, stone house, wooden house, etc) and the type of construction (Yes! in the case of hill station properties car parking can be on the upper floor depending on the terrain). In such a case the prices of hill properties adjacent to each other may also differ largely. This is why we at Hills & Wills say hill station properties are like fingerprints. It is very difficult to assess the value of them through online research. The only way left out is to consult an expert on hill station real estate like Hills & Wills is crucial who can help you to arrive at the accurate price of the house at hills so that the sale is fruitful.

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Soundarya Anandan is a post graduate in Marketing worked with Market Research Companies and start-ups. Currently working with Hills & Wills creative team and roll out value added contents about hill station real estate by undertaking dedicated research about this niche market.

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