How To Host Your Kids Birthday Party In Delhi


Your child’s birthday is round the corner and you planning to host it in your house? It’s an old fashioned thing and honestly even kids these days are so demanding to enjoy such in-house birthday parties. Break that tradition of house party and let’s come up with some new ideas of hosting in some of these really great birthday places in Delhi. Today our kids are more social than we use to be at our times. They have all sets of friends from the Facebook friend, next door, 4 am to savior friend. And trust me they would have many more such set of friends with different tag lines. For their birthday they would want all of these present to make their party complete. These kids are not only restless, but also demanding in getting the best of the best for their party.

So let’s venture thru some ideas to host a smash-hit birthday party in Delhi for your child.

Booking of venue:-

Delhi has various options with regards to kids birthday party venues. Select the venue that is easily accessible for the guests. As majority of these guests would be kids of different ages accompanying a few parents, the venue you choose should be such that is easily reachable with various means of transport. Make sure that party hall is safe in matter of security e.g. is not on height, its neatly grilled etc.

Setting up a Theme:-

Kids and themes go almost hand in hand. They are always flabbergasted with the interesting theme setups. Some of the themes that you could set are like the Jungle book, Cinderella, famous cartoon characters, sports person, and super heroes and they would be happy to dress in one of them.


It would really look neat if you can get the invites printed in coordination to the theme. Like if a superhero theme is set up, get some of the super heroes printed on the invites or it could be shaped in one of them. Make sure that day, date, time, venue along with the theme is included. If you don’t want to accept gifts, get that printed at the end of the card. Also get directions to the hall included in the invites along with the phone numbers of the manager of hotel as kids could tend to get confused with directions.

Games for fun:-

Games are lifeline of children. Party, fun and games make a perfect combo for them. Include fun games depending on the age group your guests belong. You could keep camel, horse or elephant rides. If the hall is spacious enough you can have a mini train for the day, chocolate fountains so that children could make their own chocolate marshmallows. Puppet / magic show, laser show, fun and learn games, face painting or tattoo artist. These kind of games & activities would keep them pepped up and add zing to the party.

Birthday cake:-

This is the next focus after the birthday child. Kids wait to have a look at what kind of birthday cake is ordered, and more than that to taste it. Go for the colour, shape & theme which your child likes. As far as taste is concerned you could either keep it simple to the basic flavors that kids generally like or go for some mixed up new flavors. The size of the cake should be according to the number of invites, so that it does not fall short in serving anyone. Generally customized cakes are to be ordered at least a month or fifteen days in advance. Some of the bakers do provide venue delivery of these cakes. As the size of the cake is going to be huge, talk the terms of delivery with the bakers.


Either you could arrange a photographer or have a volunteer to click the party pictures for you. Try clicking each guest. You could make a clay memorabilia where in these kids could leave their hand impressions and the pics of these could be sent to each of your guests as a remembrance with a thank you note.

Favours/Return Gifts:-

After all the fun, food & games these return gifts are a highlight for your tiny guests, it gets that million dollar smile on their faces. You could have small games, puzzles, books, game cd’s as return gifts. Shopping these from wholesalers would prove penny wise in cases of large number of guests.

Once the setup is done have a great time hosting your child’s birthday in one of the venues in Delhi.

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