Exploring The Best Five Star Hotels In Kolkata

Are you trying to search for some nice hotels in Kolkata? It would be a challenging task for you to search a hotel that can suit your budget range. In this article, you will read about some best five star hotels in Kolkata that you can choose for your complete stay in the lovely city of Kolkata. The hotels which are going to be discussed in this article vary from each other in price ranges and other luxurious facilities.

Kolkata is also known as the “City of Joy” and is considered as the main financial hub of “Eastern India”. The city is full of five star and three star hotels where you can spend from 1,000 to 10,000 rupees per night charges to rent a room. Kolkata is surrounded by lush green valleys which are full of such hotels so that the travelers and tourists can stay as long as they desire. Following are some well known Kolkata Five star hotels-

“Taj Bengal Hotel” is known as one of the famous landmarks in Kolkata. The hotel is considered as one of the greenest precincts of the city and is situated in the center of the Kolkata’s commercial area. The hotel features several types of attractions like a race course, beautiful gardens, libraries and a memorial hall. The hotel is mainly preferred by the famous businessmen of India, celebrities, and the Bollywood stars. This is a hotel which is well-known for its architectural beauty and modern amenities.  Another famous five star hotel of Kolkata is “The Park”. When it comes to find the luxuries and advanced facilities of life, travelers select this hotel for their stay. The hotel is mainly selected when an individual wants to combine his business with leisure. The hotel features the world’s best restyled clubs, guestrooms and business centers which are the basic features of all five star hotels in Kolkata.

For those who are searching for the classical style hotels, “The Oberoi Grand Hotel” is the best. The hotel is famous because of its “classical façade” and “traditional Indian Style”. It is also considered as one of the best Kolkata Five Star hotels where tourists and travelers can meet with “state-of-the-art amenities” and luxurious “dinning options serving cuisines”. The third most important and successful five star hotel of the city is “ITC Sonar Bangla Sheraton and Towers”. The hotel is a combination of both classical and urban way of construction. There are a total of 238 guestrooms in the hotel which are fully equipped with the luxurious amenities and chic interiors. Each room of the hotel contains a wireless network system through which you can run your computer, TV sets and other multimedia devices. Those travelers who prefer a lavish lifestyle can opt for this hotel.

Kolkata’s five star hotels are the best places to have finest amenities, personalized services and modern accommodation. For the people who want to spend their vacation time in a different and lavish place, these hotels are simply the best. It does not matter for which purpose you choose these hotels, either passing your leisure time or for business tours, they will provide their best services all the times.

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