Holy Banyan Tree Is Associated With Indian Culture


Banyan is the national tree of India and associated with Indian culture since the age of early civilization and Aryans. Banyan trees are found near to most of Indian temples and breathing beneath it, not only gives us long life span, but also is linked to cultural heritage. Since old days, village gatherings are conducted beneath banyan tree. New plants are formed from its roots and very often it spreads on a vast area. For the same reason, many fairy tales and ghost stories are associated with banyan trees. The story of Brahmin scholar Vararuchi can be read with this.


There is one famous Devi temple in Koottalumoodu of Kanyakumari district. Koottalumoodu – literally means a group of banyan trees. The temple is fully surrounded by banyan trees and it’s not possible for any stranger to pick the first tree, from which the whole group has originated.  Because of its structure similar to holy saints’ beards and longevity, many myths and legends are associated with it. As per Hindu beliefs, people pray before banyan trees to cherish and fulfill their dreams. About 850 varieties of banyan trees are present of which peepal is regarded as the holy tree.


As per Hindu beliefs, Trimurthi – Vishnu, Brahma and Siva stay together in Banyan tree, also called Peepal and Bodhi tree. Root part representing Brahma, centre part for Vishnu and its top leaves for Lord Siva. Its scientific name is Ficus religiosa and is sacred to Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. Gautama Buddha attained enlightenment while meditating underneath Peepal tree. Ficus Krishnae is associated with Krishna and his childhood days. It’s believed that child Krishna stole butter using the leaves of this tree.


Similar to Indian beliefs, people of Philippines believe that human souls exist in banyan trees. The greatest banyan tree of 250 years old is located in BST, Kolkata. Another banyan tree – Doda Aloda Mara of 450 years old is located in Ramahalli, the boundary of Bangalore covering nearly 3 acres. Thimmamma Marrimanu of Anandpur district of Andhra Pradesh has entered the Guinness book of world records as the biggest banyan tree. Among all the trees with flowers, banyan tree has the most life span.    

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Just in front of my eyes is a banyan tree and Vishnu temple. it gives me a positive energy everyday

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