Holi - The Different Colors Of Life


Festivals are integral part of Indian cultures and all the festivals celebrated in India show the respect of people for human values. The festival of Holi is considered one of the most colorful and important festivals celebrated anywhere in the world. People celebrate Holi with lot of enthusiasm, with intense and eager enjoyment but we should know the real meaning of each and every festival we celebrate in our country.  
Holi is a festival celebrated in Indian society which has different beliefs and ways of celebrations in different parts of the country that probably is the essence of the Holi festival which determines its real character. In most parts of the country people celebrate it with colors, sweets and go meet friends and relatives.

Different ways of celebrating Holi

According to our ancient history and religious books there are different stories describing the reasons for celebration of Holi. As per beliefs the Holi is celebration of killing of Putna killed by Krishna as a small boy while she was trying to Kill Krishna by feeding him poisoned milk. In some parts of southern India the people believe it was the day when Lord Shiva opened his third eye to kill Kamdeva and danced Tandava the divine destructive dance. However, Lord Shiva brought Kamdeva back to life on request of Rati, the wife of Kamdeva. The saying goes this made gods so happy they sprinkled colors from heaven. This is the reason the people in parts of south India lit a fire on previous night of Holi adding sugarcane as symbol of bow of Kamdeva, mango flowers as arrows and sandalwood which is significant of peace to Kamdeva.


We hear so many versions about Holi in different parts of our country but the main story behind this colorful festival is same everywhere- the victory of good over evil, the victory of truth over falsehood, the victory of good behavior on bad conduct.  If people do not read all the stories in their literal meanings but go deeper and see the real meaning the message is loud and clear. We should learn to adapt all the good things in life and leave bad habits behind, that would perhaps will be the right meaning of celebration of Holi the colorful festival.    

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