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Changing generations: It’s a common opinion that present generation gives less importance to values and less respect to elders. Excess use of drugs and drinks, bad life styles, diseases and attempts even to use bullets against dearest friends are common nowadays. Kids have to pay a lot in return for such bad habits. If it is the case of academic studies, less preference is given to values than successes and marks and such practices give a bad impact to new generations too. Now ‘Exams’ has become just an object to pass the education and it passes nothing to the souls and minds of kids too. Just a simple procedure is to bi-heart the subjects and reproduce them in exam papers. That’s exactly the place where Cinema can do something for present generation. Such an attempt has been made by a school of Kerala most recently and let me tell you how it happened. The project has been named as ‘Gratian Cine Value Hub’.  


The strong media known as Cinema


Cinema influences human mind a lot and it can deeply affect his personal feelings too. Best instances – kids imitate their heroes and their actions most common, and consider them as their role model too. They bi-hearts film dialogues and mannerisms very easily too. If that particular attribute of leisure and entertainment is used in a better way, such attempts can give positive outcomes for sure.


This is the procedure how it works


10 movies have been prepared for classes 1 to 10; one movie of length 15 minutes each – one movie for one standard. Such movies will be shown in respective class rooms and students will be given a worksheet too, to mark their opinion. Kids should report their opinion about the video along with their ideas and what they have learnt from them. They can also note what life ideas they have learnt from the cinema and how it differs from their life style and characteristics. Teachers value those written reports. Thus this project aims at bringing kids out of books and helps them to see life in a wider perception.  


Not only for kids


Cinemas are made not only for kids, but also for parents and teachers – One each. The themes of such cinema for parents include mental status of kids of this age, problems and the friction and stress that exist between parents and kids. Such movies will be shown once in a year and parents will be given worksheet to mark their opinion. Movies for teachers include kids’ mental status and the ways elaborating how to handle kids. It includes learning defects of kids, problems placed by teachers in teaching them and solutions too. Hoping such attempts can bring great reforms to the education system through the most powerful media of present times – Cinema.

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It's a nice attempt for sure, let us wait for its after effects

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