Get Beauty With The 7 Items Available At Home


To get beauty we need to take a lot of care. Women do so many things to improve their beauty by spending money. But finally the spend money is waste as they will not get the expected results. Though they go to the beauty parlor, but the results which they expect will not be exact. Finally it will be a waste of money and therefore, that chemicals used in beauty parlor may lead to pimples and some skin problems.


Instead of spending money for no use, it is better to spend on the things which are available in our kitchen which gives good results according to our expectations. But everything which is available in the kitchen is not used for getting beautified.  There are few things which improve our beauty.


Let us know what those things which give good result to us

1.Baking soda

This improves our beauty. If you want your teeth look white and shine, then take a pinch of baking soda and brush your teeth. Then your teeth will become whiter.


2. Olive oil

The olive oil which is used in our kitchen, it can be used for our skin. Most of the people use this olive oil as body moisturizer and to remove eye makeup. People who have oily skin, instead of body oil it is suggested to use olive oil; therefore, their skin gets shine.



This is a wonderful spicy item. This not only increases taste to the food items, it even improves our skin beauty. Especially it cures pimples problem, we should apply the mixture of 3 spoons of honey and 1 spoon cinnamon powder to your face before going to sleep. Wash it with cold water the next day morning. Then you can see your desired results.


4. Drier tissue

When you desire to keep your hair dry and beautiful then drier tissue will help you a lot. These drier tissues are available in different forms. So we need to wipe our hair with these tissues. Therefore, the wetness in the hair will be sucked by the tissue and our hair becomes smooth. Hair looks beautiful.


5. Cooking spray

Cooking spray is a real beauty product. To dry your nail polish you can use smell less cooking spray.


6. Tooth Paste

It is a classic beauty kitchen item. It helps us in cleaning our nails, just we need to apply to our nails and wash them. Therefore, our nails turn into white. We can apply tooth paste on spots of burns to become normal.


7.Petroleum jelly

There are a lot of uses with petroleum jelly. This is not only used for beauty. We can apply it to our feet to avoid our new footwear bites.

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