Eye Development Starts From The First Month Of Fetus


Do you know that eye development of a baby starts from the first month of pregnancy? It takes at least 45 days to confirm pregnancy. By this time, first stage of development of eyes would have completed. For proper eye development and vision of a baby, mother need to take care of a few things, in diet, habits and medicines. Through this article I am giving a brief description of those points.


A person may be born with or without eye defects. But if proper care is given before he reaches 7 years, 90% of eye problems can be rectified completely – say eye experts. In 90% such cases problems may have developed during fetal growth stage. Unfortunately parents often neglect such things. If you see your kid watching television too near or if he finds difficult in reading books, consult a doctor immediately.


In a fetus brain development starts later. 80% of eye development completes within 3 months and seize for a while and this process resumes at the 9th month (last 3 weeks). So premature born kids have more chances of eye defects; his eye development process may not have completed successfully. Also passage from eyes to nose may remain closed in a few cases resulting in the block of tears of the baby. It gives pus and such defects may be cleared through certain massages or at the last stage, a surgery.


Drinks, smoking and high doze medicines can adversely affect eye development of fetus. That’s the reason why doctors suggest pregnant ladies to avoid steroids and medicines for depression during gestation period. Proper food is also needed for the kid so that all functions develop successfully. Pets can also prove dangerous.  Toxoplasma present in such animals may reach fetus through mother, if she doesn’t handle them hygienic. Toxoplasma multiplies well in cool areas of human body parts. So fetus is their best home.


So it’s always a nice option to consult a doctor before your kid reaches 7. Nowadays kids spend a lot of time before computers and televisions. So, over exposure of eyes to such electric equipments may only result in worsening things further. It’s true most of us are unaware of the fact that development of eyes start long before we confirm the pregnancy. But let us do what we can so that our kid can see this beautiful world without the aid of spectacles.

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Care your eyes!

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